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Used Chevy Colorado Jacksonville FL

There are few vehicles that are more expensive to buy new off the lot than a pickup truck. No matter the brand or the model, you're going to pay a decent amount for a new truck unless you go for one with absolutely no upgrades. This is why so many people decide to purchase a pickup truck used, as it's possible to get a much nicer model for a much better price. For anyone looking to purchase a used Chevy Colorado in Jacksonville FL, make sure to check out the inventory at Auction Direct USA.

While there are many reasons to shop with the used car experts at Auction Direct USA, maybe the top benefit is knowing you will always receive a fair price right away. Come visit the Auction Direct USA lot before you purchase a used Chevy Colorado anywhere else. 

Chevy Colorado Performance

used chevy colorado for sale jacksonville fl

Models such as the 2012 Chevy Colorado come standard with a 185-hp 2.9L 4-cylinder engine capable of producing up to 190 lb.-ft of torque. For a compact truck such as the Colorado, this is a good amount of power. What's nice about the Colorado is, despite being a truck, it gets pretty solid gas mileage numbers when it comes with the standard drivetrain (25 mpg highway/18 mpg city).

If you're looking for a bit more power, the Colorado offers several engine upgrades, such as a 242-hp 3.7L 5-cylinder engine, and a 300-hp V8 that can muster up to 320 lb.-ft of torque. In terms of towing, the 2012 Colorado does well for a compact truck. Its towing capacity ranges from 1,900 lbs.-5,500 lbs.

Shop Chevy Colorado Models with Auction Direct USA

It's understandable if you've been putting off purchasing a truck due to the daunting upfront cost compared to other vehicles. However, when you shop with Auction Direct USA, you can rest assured that you're getting the best deal around. Not only is Auction Direct USA a no-haggle dealership, we offer a 5 day or 500 mile money back guarantee. And if you need to sell your old vehicle before you can afford to go home with a used Chevy Colorado, bring it in and we can give you a free trade-in appraisal. There's truly no downside to shopping for a used vehicle with Auction Direct USA. We look forward to seeing you at our Jacksonville location. 

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