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used dodge avenger jacksonville flUsed-car buyers wanting the aggressive look of the Dodge Avenger at a price easier on the wallet should look at the variety of Dodge Avenger Jacksonville FL from Auction Direct USA. This is one four-door sedan that won’t get lost in the crowd.

The Dodge Avenger’s design features a bold grille and strong body lines. In a Dodge Avenger, you’ll get all the functionality and room of a sedan with the appearance of a sports car – all with the price tag of an economy car.



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Used Dodge Avenger is an economy car with luxury looks

With a starting price of less than $20,000 for the 2007-2014 production run, the Dodge Avenger is a great option for drivers looking for some style in an affordable sedan. Because the Avenger is no longer being manufactured, consumers can expect steep savings. You can find Dodge Avengers in Jacksonville FL at Auction Direct USA at an affordable price. You’ll appreciate the savings even more with the Dodge Avenger’s fuel economy. The four-cylinder engine delivers 31 mpg highway, while the stronger V6 averages 29 mpg. Many sedans of the same years come with a lot of complicated interior controls. The Dodge Avenger keeps things simple, opting for a traditional gauge cluster instead of a lot of computerized, digital controls and readouts. Simply put, the Dodge Avenger is a nice, inexpensive sedan with the look of a sportier muscle car. Admirable fuel economy, a simple control and gauge system and a just-right price tag make the Dodge Avenger hard to pass up. And it’s just fun to drive.

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