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The Hyundai Sonata is a 4-door mid-size sedan that is designed and produced by Hyundai. The many versions of this model have been extremely successful throughout the world for being reliable, safe and stylish, instantly appealing to people from a variety of age groups and financial backgrounds. As a result of its popularity, the Korean Manufacturer has managed to sell more than 200 thousand units in 2014 to the United States alone.


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The illustrious history of the Sonata

The first generation Hyundai Sonata was produced in 1985 and it included power brakes, cruise control and electrically operated side mirrors. The model was sold as an executive vehicle that provided luxury. Since the release of the first generation of Hyundai Sonata, the model has gone through a number of facelift efforts, safety and performance upgrades, and is now one of the most sought after mid-size vehicles.

The reception of the latest model Hyundai Sonata

The seventh generation of Hyundai Sonata was released in 2015, after further refining of the sixth generation Sonata. The vehicle comes with a desirable powertrain, beautiful designing and a host of convenience features that are appreciated by seasoned drivers. The sixth and seventh generation of Hyundai Sonatas are known for excellent build quality, interior space, optional features, performance in urban settings and value for money. The car has received very high ratings amongst car reviewers for the progressive improvements in design and powertrain. A used Hyundai Sonata is the perfect vehicle if you need a car that runs smoothly, performs well in urban areas, has spacious interiors, and offers comfort to passengers.

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