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Is your dream car at another store? We can transfer it to you quickly.

Auction Direct USA's Vehicle Shipping Ensures:

  • Minimum Handling: If your vehicle is shipped via carrier, it won't come off until it reaches its destination.
  • Maximum Safety: Our carriers and drivers are licensed, bonded and insured according to ICC regulations.
  • Affordability: Our shipping rates are among the best in the industry. This helps keep your total costs as low as possible.
  • No Risks: If for any reason the vehicle doesn’t match its description or isn’t in the condition described we will refund your money no questions asked.
  Roch, NY NC FL Buf, NY
Roch, NY
X $400 $600 No Cost
$400 X $300 $350
$600 $300 X $550
Buf, NY
No Cost $350 $550 X
  Canadian and overseas delivery is available. Shipping quotes may vary due to fuel costs, locations, and options.

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