Jim Edwards of Auction Direct USA in the radio studio recording a commercial for the dealership

Tune in and Learn About the “We Buy Cars” Part of Your Business!

We Buy Cars in Rochester, NY and Raleigh, NC

If you are in the Rochester, NY area and enjoy tuning in to 97.9 WPXY, 98.9 WBZA, or 95.7 WROC, then you will soon get to hear our very own Jim Edwards (pictured above)! Jim is a Senior Buyer at our Victor/Rochester location, and he is the voice behind a new commercial to help locals learn about the “We Buy Cars” part of our business! Read the rest of this entry >>

Mechanic with a bottle of oil

Keep Your Vehicle in Tip-Top Shape Through the Remainder of Winter!

Vehicle Mid-Winter Maintenance in Raleigh, NC and Rochester, NY

Some parts of the U.S. (particularly here in Raleigh), have been fairly mild this winter, but you never know what Mother Nature has in store for the next few months. She might feel particularly vengeful and bring about some polar vortexes that will make the temperatures in Rochester drop to 50 below when windchills are accounted for. Even with those frigid temperatures, many of us are still expected to get to work or other obligations, and you worry if your vehicle will start up. Read the rest of this entry >>

Sepia-tone picture of a Volkswagen Beetle

Watch Volkswagen’s Farewell to the Beloved Beetle in This Emotional Video!

Volkswagen Beetle – The Last Mile Video

While we specialize in high-quality used vehicles here at Auction Direct USA, we like to keep tabs on the latest news from automakers. We were saddened to hear that Volkswagen was discontinuing its iconic Beetle after 2019. We are looking forward to seeing what Volkswagen has in store for the future (especially the return of the equally-iconic Bus in 2022), but we got a little emotional watching this send-off video featuring a choral version of The Beatles’ “Let It Be”: Read the rest of this entry >>

Guy wearing sunglasses behind the wheel of his vehicle

What Should I Keep in the Glovebox of My Vehicle?

5 Essentials for Your Vehicle’s Glovebox

We went retrieve the owner’s manual this morning and discovered that our vehicle’s glove box was jam-packed with clutter. Sure, we found the manual, but we also found a bunch of random paperwork, that George Strait CD that we thought we lost, the card we were supposed to give to Cousin Lisa last summer at her wedding (is it too late to send it now?), wrappers from a few Snickers bars, a pack of gum, some expired coupons, and more! How did we let this happen?!?! After doing some serious decluttering, we thought that we would share the five most important essentials to keep in your vehicle’s glove box! Read the rest of this entry >>

Vehicle driving on a snow-covered road

Watch How Jeep Vehicles Perform in the Snow!

Jeep Closed for the Day Commercial

At our Rochester, NY location, we see a LOT of snow each winter! And on occasion, our Raleigh, NC location will see a big dumping of snow when a massive Snowmaggedon system rolls through. Even with that snow, we still need to get to work or go out and play. And having a great vehicle outfitted with extra power makes it possible! To help tackle the snow and ice, many of our customers choose a Jeep vehicle, which is regularly in stock at both our Rochester and Raleigh locations! To help you get a better look at how Jeep vehicles perform in the snow, we wanted to share this new commercial with you! Read the rest of this entry >>

Blue Chevy Silverado playing in the mud

What Kind of Engine Oil Does a Chevy Silverado 1500 Truck Need?

Engine Oil Viscosity Grade Recommendation for a Chevy Silverado 1500 Truck

Here at Auction Direct USA, many of our customers who are shopping for a high-quality used truck will choose the Chevy Silverado 1500. This pickup truck offers plenty of power and is a great choice when you need to work hard and want to play harder in either the Rochester, NY or Raleigh, NC area. One reason why many of our customers choose the Chevy Silverado 1500 is its reputation for long-lasting dependability. Read the rest of this entry >>

Woman behind the wheel of her next vehicle

Start Off the New Decade in a High-Quality Pre-Owned Vehicle from Auction Direct USA!

High-Quality Used Vehicles for Sale in Raleigh, NC and Rochester, NY in 2020

Happy New Year, car shoppers! Many of us have set resolutions or goals for ourselves for the new year and even the new decade. While many folks resolve to losing a few pounds, others decide to take hold of the horns and do something big with their life – such as taking that road trip they have always dreamed of. Whether your 2020 has a big road trip or a new job with a commute, it helps to have a dependable vehicle. Read the rest of this entry >>