Red Ford Super Duty Truck

See How the Ford Super Duty Helps Build America

2020 Ford F-Series: What We Build Video 

Since it’s start more than a century ago, Ford has been changing the way we have built America. From laying down smooth blacktop to building skyscrapers and bridges, Ford and its trucks have been there to help. This would not have been possible without the powerful engines and the spacious truck beds in Ford’s F-Series line. To help you get a closer look at the Super Duty line of Ford trucks, check out the video below. 

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Two mechanics working on a vehicle

Are Used Car Parts an Option for My Vehicle?

Repairing/Replacing Car Parts with Used Options

Your vehicle is made up of a glorious puzzle of parts. Over the course of ownership, some parts will need to be replaced due to either regular wear and tear, neglect, or collisions with wildlife, potholes, or other vehicle. There are a couple of options for replacing parts for your vehicle, and we are excited to tell you about them! 

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Video chatting with a tablet

Struggling for Conversation When Video Chatting With Loved Ones? Here are Some Ideas!

Fun Conversation Topic Ideas for Video Chatting 

One thing that we have really been struggling with during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak is social distancing. We miss getting together with our friends for dinner or joining them for walks and telling them all the latest gossip. Luckily, today we have technology that originally appeared in Star Trek, and that is video chatting! We like to check in with our friends and family once in a while and are eager to find out what’s going on in their lives, but it’s surprising that we sometimes blank out on what to say or talk about. To make things easier, we have come up with some fun topics to discuss with your loved ones. Enjoy!

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Woman in a kitchen wearing a red apron

What Foods Should I Try Making at Home While Self Isolating?

Best Foods You Need to Make While Isolating at Home 

For most of us, we have been isolating at home for about a month now, and we miss our regular routine of going out to our favorite restaurants. While many of our favorite restaurants offer delivery or take-out, we are now spending more time in our own kitchens. Sure, we have a few favorite recipes that have been passed down for generations (like Nana’s pot roast), but we are ready to try something new! Here are a few new food ideas that we recommend trying! 

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Woman behind the wheel of her next vehicle

How Do I Help My Kid Overcome Their Reluctance to Drive?

Tips for Turning Your Kid into a Confident Driver 

We were reading the Dear Abby column this morning and a mother wrote a letter about how her 20-year-old daughter refuses to get a driver’s license and is sick of chauffeuring her around. Honestly, we thought that Abby kind of missed the mark in her advice because she said the daughter was smart and didn’t have to deal with car payments or insurance premiums, and just plainly suggested that the daughter get a bicycle or take the driving test again. We wanted to take a different spin on this and suggest some ways to encourage your kid to become more comfortable behind the wheel. 

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