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Jim Edwards of Auction Direct USA in the radio studio recording a commercial for the dealership

Tune in and Learn About the “We Buy Cars” Part of Your Business!

We Buy Cars in Rochester, NY, and Raleigh, NC

If you are in the Rochester, NY, area and enjoy tuning in to 97.9 WPXY, 98.9 WBZA, or 95.7 WROC, then you will soon get to hear our very own Jim Edwards (pictured above)! Jim is a Senior Buyer at our Victor/Rochester location, and he is the voice behind a new commercial to help locals learn about the “We Buy Cars” part of our business! Read the rest of this entry >>

Woman driving a vehicle during the winter season

What are Some of the Best Used Vehicles from Auction Direct USA-Rochester for Winter Driving?

Used Vehicles with AWD for Winter Driving for Sale in Rochester, NY

The winter season has arrived in New York, and we have seen some snow already – and we will certainly see more over the course of the next few months. Even with all that Lake Effect snow, we still have obligations and need to venture out on the roads. Of course, it helps when we have a vehicle that is equipped to handle the snow and ice. Read the rest of this entry >>

Two people shaking hands in agreement

Looking to Trade Your Current Vehicle for a High-Quality Used Model? Come to Auction Direct USA!

Used Vehicle Trades at Auction Direct USA in Raleigh, NC and Rochester, NY

Are you looking for a different vehicle? Are you trying to save money? Then you have come to the right place! Here at Auction Direct USA, we can negotiate trades for your current vehicle to help you save money while driving away happy in a high-quality used vehicle. Read the rest of this entry >>

Order A Used Car With Auction Direct USA

Are you considering purchasing a used car in the near future? Do you have something specific in mind for your purchase? At Auction Direct USA, we make it our mission to make your car experience fast, easy, affordable, and of course, satisfying your high expectations for your new vehicle.  Are you envisioning an exotic sports car that is the envy of your friends and family? Or is a used car with exceptional gas mileage more of the criteria you had envisioned? Bring your wish list to any of our three locations, and our expert team will find the car that fits you best!

Say you visit an Auction Direct USA location, and you see many outstanding choices for your used vehicle, but you aren’t finding exactly what you are looking for. While countless customers have been able to drive off our lot the same day with the car they were looking for, for others, ordering a car from us is just as rewarding of an experience! This is a risk-free process that allows valued clients like you to drive away with your dream car, even if your exact preferences aren’t found on our lot.

All it Takes is Three Simple Steps to Order the Car You Need:

Step 1: Tell a member of our team what you want—If your dream vehicle isn’t on our lot, your car search is far from over! Consult with an Auction Direct USA employee and tell us exactly the car you want! The more details you give us, from color, mileage, and style, the easier it will be for us to give you what you are looking for!

Step 2: We Search For Your Car, We Find it, We Buy It!—after your initial consultation in Step 1, you give us a deposit to allow us to search for and purchase your ideal used car. From there, we are able to search for your vehicle from a number of sources, including off-lease sales, dealer auctions, and even bank liquidations. Once we find your vehicle, it is delivered within only 7-10 business days!

Step 3: Inspect the Vehicle and Take it Home! Once the vehicle is delivered, then we complete our through inspection to make sure it is up to our high standards! Then, the vehicle is yours to drive home happy!

Auction Direct’s unique approach is centered upon providing customers with the lowest price vehicles and the best car buying experience. Our ordering process allows you to have the car you want at the price you need! Visit one of our three locations today to get the process started—whether you find a car on our lot, or order it through us, our job is to make you happy!

Visit Our Service Departments at Auction Direct USA

At Auction Direct USA, we understand that an automobile is one of the biggest personal investments an individual can make. That’s why we take exceptional care of you and your vehicle every step of the way. While all of our vehicles receive a thorough inspection before making it onto our lot, we also ensure that your used car remains in the best of hands after you drive home!

If a problem arises with your vehicle after your purchase has been made, Auction Direct USA is your reliable and expert resource to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Did you know that Auction Direct has a fully staffed service department at each of our locations? These departments have both the latest technology and ASE Certified Master Technicians to properly care for your car.

Our service departments are happy to help you take care of repairs and services big and small. Our services include but are not limited to oil and filter changes, brake replacement, struts, air conditioner repair and replacement, tune-ups, alternators, shocks, and so much more. With routine maintenance like this, our team at Auction Direct USA makes sure your vehicle not only is performing at its highest performance, but it helps you, our valued customer, to help avoid more costly repairs down the line. Have an extensive repair that requires intense maintenance? Never fear! Our service departments at each Auction Direct USA location offers you loaner vehicles when available, customer shuttles, and drop off and pick up to serve you better.

At Auction Direct USA, our outstanding services department is just one of many ways that you get the lowest price and the best used car experience guaranteed! Visit us at our Rochester, Jacksonville, and Raleigh locations today and see the difference for yourself! For routine maintenance or a drastic repair, protect your investment and visit an Auction Direct USA service department.

Unbeatable Financing at Auction Direct USA

Have you been looking for a dealership that can help you get the car loan you deserve? Here at Auction Direct USA we take pride in providing our customers with the car loans they deserve. Gone are the days where financial or credit issues prevent you from owning the car of your dreams.  With Auction Direct USA, you can get approved for a car loan in a matter of seconds!


You may be asking yourself: How do we make the process so simple at Auction Direct? To us, the key to making your financial and credit process smooth and efficient is the perfect marriage of a few key areas. It is our stable, lasting relationships with many local lenders, the exceptional prices of our outstanding vehicles, a website and thorough documentation that get the process started quickly and painlessly, and guidance from our expert staff that make financing your new car enjoyable! When these elements blend together perfectly, you drive away happy!


Our relationships with many lenders allow us, and of course you, to find the best financial terms for you when you are buying your car! No matter what your current situation is, we will figure out the financial solution to fit your needs and to make you drive off with the car of your dreams! It is also our low prices at Auction Direct USA that allow banks to give us such financial terms, making you, us, and the banks happy with the financial arrangement we propose! Want to visit our website and explore our car loan calculator? This tool and the forms you fill out when you visit our showroom give us the key information necessary to get you your payment details in no time! And the best part of all—our dedicated and knowledgeable team at Auction Direct USA is here to guide you through every step of the process!


The finance program is just one example of how at Auction Direct USA, you are guaranteed to get the best experience, all at the lowest price. We look forward to seeing you at our dealership soon!

The Benefits of Buying a Used Car at Auction Direct USA

Today, there are many questions involved in the process of buying a car, and we understand that the process can be overwhelming. But at Auction Direct USA, our mission is to provide each guest that visits our dealership a unique automotive purchasing experience.

As you begin your process of looking for the perfect car, the first question you should ask yourself is this: what is the advantage of buying a used car? There are many excellent reasons why buying a used car is the way to go—some of these reasons include affordability, wide selection, and reliability—especially when you come to Auction Direct USA!

Before you visit one of our four locations, our team at Auction Direct USA would like to outline some of these reasons for you in more detail, so you can be comfortable with the purchase you are about to make! Knowing this information ahead of your visit will make the car-purchasing process all the smoother!

1)    Affordability-You can save a great deal of money by purchasing your dream car in like-new condition. At Auction Direct USA, we are committed to offering each guest the market’s best price.  Our lowest price, financing available for everyone, and instant credit approval only enhance the affordability of your used car!

2)    Wide Selection-Your perfect car is only one visit or a mouse click away! Our wide inventory at Auction Direct USA ensures that everyone leaves our dealership satisfied.  If it’s not in our inventory, we’ll find you exactly what you are looking for by ordering you your car—risk free! Simply tell us what you want, we find it, buy it, and you drive off into the sunset with the car you’ve always envisioned!

3)    Reliability-We believe in the highest quality vehicles, and each and every selection is living proof of that mission. Our cars are carefully inspected before they reach the selling floor, and we ensure that each and every vehicle has a detailed CarFax history report, so you know exactly where your car has been through. We also have a fully staffed service department that handles all of your service and maintenance needs.

With these strong advantages to buying a used car, you can visit Auction Direct USA knowing that the car you need is waiting for you without hassle and with the highest possible quality.

Common Questions Asked When Buying a Used Car

You’re finally ready to take the plunge—today is the day where you are going to Auction Direct USA to buy the used car you’ve been wanting and needing so badly. All of us at Auction Direct USA know what a big step this is and what a huge decision picking out the perfect car for you is. That’s why, we want to do everything we can to make sure that you ask the proper questions before your visit to our lot and are as prepared as possible to make the best possible selection.

We have come up with a list of common questions that are often asked by our customers when they are purchasing their used car. Our experts at Auction Direct can go into further details about specific vehicles when you are on the lot, but it can’t hurt to be prepared beforehand! These questions and how we answer them shows that we are committed to trust and an open exchange of information, guaranteeing you with a satisfying automotive purchase experience!

1)      Who was the previous owner? Our salespeople at Auction Direct USA will give you a clear, straight answer to this question. We are proud of the high standards of quality we hold on each of our vehicles, and this among other questions is what we ask before a car makes it to our lot to ensure you get the highest standard possible.  We provide a complete Car Fax history report on each and every vehicle we sell.

2)      Can I take this car to a mechanic to check in out? Why bother taking it to a mechanic when we have a full service shop on site? We offer a fully staffed service department with ASE Certified Master Technicians to handle all of your service and maintenance needs! Our cars are carefully inspected and given our mechanics stamp of approval before it hits the lot. After you purchase your vehicle, our mechanics offer the lowest in market shop rates, loaner vehicles, and even shuttle service!

3)      Can I take this car out for a test drive? Absolutely! How can you know if this is the perfect car for you unless you take it for a spin!? Have a little fun and take her out for a drive!

We look forward to your upcoming visit at Auction Direct USA, where we can answer these and other questions for you!