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Cars that last over 200k miles

Cars That Will Almost Certainly Last Over 200k Miles

Look no further than Auction Direct USA for used cars that last over 200k miles!  Vehicles have come a long way from being pushed around by solid-hoofed mammals we call horses. Thanks to technology, the cars of today have some amazing features like fuel injection, keyless entry and truck nuts. But, even with all of this innovation and wizardry, you can’t really tell if a car or truck is up for the long haul. Keeping that in mind, the following are some vehicles that have a much better chance of passing the 200k miles mark.

Ford Super Duty
Base MSRP price range: $47,734 – $50,655
The Ford Super Duty is the proud member of the insanely popular F-Series of trucks by Ford. This beast of a vehicle is big, powerful, and according to the data, reliable enough to get you way past the 200k miles mark with ease.

Toyota Corolla
Base MSRP price range: $16,950 – $22,955
The Toyota Corolla has the honor of having one of the longest running nameplates in the business. The compact dimensions and great fuel economy of the Corolla make it a great choice for reaching and surpassing the 200k miles mark.

Chevy Suburban
Base MSRP price range: $52690 – MSRP $55400
The suburban has got to be the largest SUV on the road right now. It also happens to be the longest lasting vehicle, with around 4% of all listed Chevy Suburbans still being in a drivable condition even after crossing the 200k miles mark.

Honda Accord
Base MSRP price range: $22,105 – $35,055
With the Honda Accord, you will get a reliable and smooth power-train, along with an efficient fuel economy, making it another good choice for those who look forward to keeping their cars for a long time.

Ending Note
Although reaching the 200k miles mark with a car is easy, if you are alright with throwing money on it. If not, then the aforementioned vehicles are your best bet to getting there on a budget.  Cars that last over 200k miles are just as dependable as when they were first purchased.