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Luxury shopping center with Louis Vuitton and Gucci stores

How is Shopping for a Designer Handbag Like Shopping for a Car?

Designer Handbag vs Car Brand Comparison 

We recently stumbled upon an interesting article describing how a Ferrari is like an Hermes Birkin bag. We completely understood the sentiment – both a Ferrari car and an Hermes Birkin (or its Kelly sibling) bag are hard to come by because they are incredibly expensive and a limited number are produced each year. 

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Video chatting with a tablet

Struggling for Conversation When Video Chatting With Loved Ones? Here are Some Ideas!

Fun Conversation Topic Ideas for Video Chatting 

One thing that we have really been struggling with during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak is social distancing. We miss getting together with our friends for dinner or joining them for walks and telling them all the latest gossip. Luckily, today we have technology that originally appeared in Star Trek, and that is video chatting! We like to check in with our friends and family once in a while and are eager to find out what’s going on in their lives, but it’s surprising that we sometimes blank out on what to say or talk about. To make things easier, we have come up with some fun topics to discuss with your loved ones. Enjoy!

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Woman in a kitchen wearing a red apron

What Foods Should I Try Making at Home While Self Isolating?

Best Foods You Need to Make While Isolating at Home 

For most of us, we have been isolating at home for about a month now, and we miss our regular routine of going out to our favorite restaurants. While many of our favorite restaurants offer delivery or take-out, we are now spending more time in our own kitchens. Sure, we have a few favorite recipes that have been passed down for generations (like Nana’s pot roast), but we are ready to try something new! Here are a few new food ideas that we recommend trying! 

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Woman in blue dress behind the wheel of a new vehicle

Watch These Brilliant Women Leave Their Mark on Honda Vehicles!

Video Featuring Honda’s Woman Engineers

In recent decades, women have really taken a hold of STEM-related areas of study and have significantly contributed to these industries. One area of engineering that women are taking an interest in is designing and building cars. Recently, Honda shared this video showcasing its lady engineers and we thought that you would enjoy watching it: Read the rest of this entry >>

Map of the Northeast region of the USA with New York highlighted

Where are Some of the Best Spring Break Destinations in New York State?

Where to Go for Spring Break 2020 in New York State

Right now, we are in the middle of spring break season. When we talk to other folks about their spring break destination, we typically hear about Mexico and Florida. But did you know that the state of New York is a great place for spring break? Whether you are traveling a long way to the Empire State or are doing a stay-cation close to home, there is something for you to enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>

Blue Ford EcoSport

Meet One of the Innovators from Ford!

The New Power Suit: Cynthia Flanigan Video

Here at Auction Direct USA, we offer a variety of brands, but a top choice is Ford thanks to its many style options, long-lasting dependability, and contemporary styling. Behind the creation of the Ford vehicles is an incredible team of innovators who think outside the box to make the vehicles even better. And today, more women are joining the team at Ford! Meet one in this video from Ford! Read the rest of this entry >>

Jim Edwards of Auction Direct USA in the radio studio recording a commercial for the dealership

Tune in and Learn About the “We Buy Cars” Part of Your Business!

We Buy Cars in Rochester, NY and Raleigh, NC

If you are in the Rochester, NY area and enjoy tuning in to 97.9 WPXY, 98.9 WBZA, or 95.7 WROC, then you will soon get to hear our very own Jim Edwards (pictured above)! Jim is a Senior Buyer at our Victor/Rochester location, and he is the voice behind a new commercial to help locals learn about the “We Buy Cars” part of our business! Read the rest of this entry >>

Christmas tree with red ornaments

Check Out This Holiday Commercial from Toyota!

Holiday 2019 Commercial from Toyota

Here at Auction Direct USA, we love watching holiday-themed commercials. We will forever and always love the one featuring the ringing Hershey Kisses and the one with Santa fainting when he meets the Red and Yellow M&Ms. Automakers also like to get in the holiday spirit and create special commercials. In our opinion, Toyota makes some of the best and most heartwarming holiday commercials and we wanted to share this year’s edition with you. Read the rest of this entry >>