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Oil cap of a car engine

Where can I get an oil change service in Raleigh, NC?

Importance of regularly changing your vehicle’s engine oil

Every vehicle with a gasoline or diesel combustion engine has a uniquely graded lubricant that plays a vital role in the powertrain’s overall life and performance. Suppose your vehicle has exceeded the recommended duration or mileage from your last engine oil replacement. In that case, your car is likely to bring up newer problems like reduced power and lesser fuel efficiency. Check out this blog by Auction Direct USA in Raleigh, NC, to learn about the various things to remember about your vehicle’s oil change and service.

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Front-ends of used cars

What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying a Used Vehicle?

5 Things to Check in a Used Vehicle Before Buying It

When buying a used vehicle, there’s a lot more to consider than just the price tag. Purchasing a pre-owned car can be a fantastic way to save money while still getting a reliable vehicle, but it’s essential to do your due diligence. Read this blog post by our team at Auction Direct USA in Raleigh, NC, to know what factors you should consider before buying a used vehicle.

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A lake inside a park

List of 3 Best Lakes You Can Visit in Raleigh, NC

Are There Any Lakes to Visit near the Raleigh, NC Area?

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you don’t really know where to go for a great time. Well, don’t panic! We at Auction Direct USA have an idea. Just check out our list of 3 best lakes in the Raleigh, NC area, that you should definitely visit. We are sure that it will be an experience that will stay with you for a long time. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Part of the map of the Northeast region of the USA

Where are Some of the Best Spring Break Destinations in New York State?

Where to Go for Spring Break 2020 in New York State

Right now, we are in the middle of spring break season. When we talk to other folks about their spring break destination, we typically hear about Mexico and Florida. But did you know that the state of New York is an excellent place for spring break? Whether you are traveling a long way to the Empire State or are doing a staycation close to home, there is something for you to enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>

Black and white photo of Rochester, NY during the winter season

What are the Best Holiday Season Activities in Rochester, NY?

Favorite 2019 Holiday Season Activities in the Rochester, NY Area

Christmastime is here! Happiness and cheer…fun for all that children call their favorite time of year! Here at Auction Direct USA, the Christmas and year-end winter holidays are our favorite times of the year because there is so much to do to make the season bright and memorable. And Rochester, NY is one of the best places to celebrate the season! Check out some of our favorite activities that are happening in Rochester this holiday season! Read the rest of this entry >>

A multi-generation family

Take a Road Trip Where There is Something for Everyone!

Road Trip Activity Check List for Families

Here at Auction Direct USA, we love talking about road trips with our customers and helping them find a high-quality used vehicle for their journey. Unfortunately, all too often we hear of family road trips that are essentially for one person: a week-long vacation to the lake so Dad can fish while Mom and the kids stay in the cabin after one day out on the water – or a road trip with nothing but art museums for Mom and Dad while the kids would rather play outside. To make your next road trip fun for the whole family, it’s better to include a variety of activities. Here are some suggestions for you to consider: Read the rest of this entry >>