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Fall 2015 Used Cars

Fall 2015 Used Cars  to Buy

2014 proved to be an amazing year for the automobile industry from every point of view. We saw record sales, amazing inventions, greener cars, and more cost-effective models with high value for the money. All that means one thing, 2015 is going to be an even better year for used car buyers.

All those jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring models you couldn’t quite afford last year are now available at unbelievable rates. All the major brands you love have their own seasonal deals to lure you in for a purchase. The long list of choice, however, can get a bit overwhelming if you haven’t already set your eyes on a particular vehicle. And that is why we are narrowing your choices down to three of the best bets you have.

Let’s pump it with our favorites.

Hyundai Sonata

With new grille and more options, the Sonata got a makeover for 2014. However, the care remained the same in terms of performance. It comes as no surprise as it already is offering great performance for the price. So, basically there’s nothing to complain about. In fact, with this dream car, you can also bag a financing deal of 1.9% for 60 months.

Chrysler 200

For anyone looking a sedan that doesn’t look or feel boring, Chrysler 200 is a must-see. 2014 can actually be called a true comeback year for Chrysler as its Sebring incarnation in 2011 till 2013 failed to impress much. Last year, it took a different route in terms of aesthetic and performance, and it all turned out great. You can also find a convertible version of the car at an unbelievable price.

Ford F-150

There can’t be a used car on budget list without the mention of Ford 150. It is definitely one of the most economical pickup truck trusted by millions around the world. Last year’s model brings better handling, more power, and exceptional style to the table along with a lineup of engine and enhancement options. The company itself offers amazing deals on CPO models.

When buying used cars, make sure you are compare performances and prices properly to ensure the best value.