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Prepare Yourself For Spring Break 2021 in Rochester NY!

Spring Break 2021 in Rochester NY Dos and Don’ts!

Spring break is on its way and as such you need to start preparing for how you’re going to celebrate it in 2021! This is especially true for the Rochester, NY area, which has a variety of great places and events to attend and visit. To help you remain safe this spring break, we have a few tips from health experts. Continue reading below to find out more!

What You Should Do

When you’re celebrating spring break 2021 in Rochester, NY, health experts have a variety of recommendations you employ. These are things you should do when you’re traveling, preparing to travel, and more. Some of them include:

  • Drive yourself, as it offers the most security when it comes to COVID-19.
  • Book a private accommodation such as an Airbnb.
  • Bring your own groceries to avoid going out to eat.
  • Social distance, wear masks, and other CDC guidelines.
  • Plan to attend events that keep you socially distanced.
  • And More!
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What You Shouldn’t Do

Now that we’ve covered what we and health experts recommend you do, we now need to cover what they recommend you don’t do! These range from travel options to what sort of events you shouldn’t attend. Examples include:

  • Don’t attend or travel to large events like parties, festivals, and others.
  • Don’t go to crowded locations where social distancing is impossible.
  • Don’t eat or spend too long indoors if you can.
  • Don’t travel via bus, plane, or other areas.

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These are just several tips that the CDC and other health experts recommend you employ when you’re preparing to tackle spring break 2021. These tips can be employed in Rochester, NY, or any location, so keep them in mind no matter where you’re going.

To learn more about what you can do, or to learn about Rochester, NY events, please contact us today! Also, contact our agents if you’re looking for a great used vehicle – we’ll be happy to answer any questions!