Man standing before an overheating engine

Protect your Car from the Hot Weather

How to Avoid Common Hot Weather Car Problems? 

Summers in Victor, NY, can be brutal for both vehicles and people. Therefore, it is vital that you provide proper care for your car and yourself. For your vehicle, there are multiple steps you can take to protect the car. Join us at Auction Direct USA in Victor, NY, to learn how to avoid common hot weather car problems. Continue reading for more information.  

Common Issues Faced by your Car during the Summer Season 

An overheating engine is a significant problem car owners face during the summer season. But there are many things you can do to ease this problem. Check your engine for any leaks if you notice that you are going through more than the standard quantity of coolant. Also, check for broken water pumps, corrosion, mineral deposit, radiator issues, and other related problems as they could cause your engine to overheat. Do not drive with an overheating engine; it is always better to give your engine the time to cool down or have it towed so that you can protect it from getting cooked due to the extreme temperature.  

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View of a car being cleaned
View of coolant being poured

Summer is when you need your AC blowing at full blast. For this to happen, ensure that the air filters have been cleaned or replaced as required and that sufficient refrigeration fluid is available. If hot air continues to blow out from the vents, you should get the AC system in your car checked by an expert.  

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If you are in the Victor, NY region, schedule a service visit at Auction Direct USA and browse through our range of available services to meet all your vehicular needs under one roof. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.