Sedan vs Hatchback

Sedan in front of building


When figuring out the perfect new vehicle for your family, one of the biggest questions that may arise is do you need a sedan, or a hatchback? In order to get the answer, you need to first know what the key differences are between sedans and hatchbacks. Lucky for you, your friends here at Auction Direct USA have put together a quick list of a few key differences between sedans and hatchbacks. That way you'll know exactly what to look for while you're browsing our huge inventory of pre-owned vehicles.

Sedans are what most people will think about when you say the word car. Four doors, a trunk for storing items, and the ability to go pretty fast. In addition to these three aspects, sedans are also some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the roads today. Because of their smaller size, lesser weight, and more aerodynamic shape, sedans can easily offer 30 miles per gallon and sometimes even more! Sedans also often provide more visibility out the rear windshield than hatchback vehicles are able to.


Hatchback in front of building


While you may not be able to see as much behind you in a hatch as you would in a sedan, the extra cargo space more than makes up for it. Instead of trying to cram everything into the trunk or laying it all over the back seats, hatchback vehicles give you the compact size of a sedan, with the cargo capacity of a small SUV. Most hatchbacks even have standard folding rear seats to really take your storage space up a couple notches. Hatchbacks usually provide your rear passengers with more room as well. Now you won't have to worry about making your friends uncomfortable by having them ride in back.

Ultimately, your choice between a hatchback or sedan will come down to which one fits your lifestyle better. Both are great options, and provide helpful features that anybody would want in a vehicle. If you need to save a little more money at the pump, maybe look into getting yourself a sedan. If more space for hauling cargo is what you're after, a hatchback might be better suited for you. Either way, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for at Auction Direct USA!

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