Used Volkswagen Jetta Rochester NY

Used Volkswagen Jetta Rochester NY

The Volkswagen Jetta holds a special place in the automotive industry as one of its iconic names. This is because the Jetta mixes efficiency, style, and affordability so well, people can't help but take note of it. Anyone searching for a used Volkswagen Jetta in Rochester NY needs to investigate the inventory at Auction Direct USA.

Auction Direct USA in Rochester NY offers a solid lineup of Jetta models from many of the most recent model years. One of the best aspects about purchasing a used Volkswagen Jetta in Rochester NY from Auction Direct USA is that the vehicle will be of the utmost highest quality. Auction Direct USA offers several different engine sizes for its Volkswagen Jetta models. Regardless of your needs for a used Jetta, you can be sure that there is a model at Auction Direct USA in Rochester NY that can satisfy these necessities. Whether you want a Jetta more focused on efficiency or power, you can be sure Auction Direct USA has it.

The Jetta Has Hidden Power

Used Jetta Rochester NY

For the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta, one of the main engine options, an 1.8-liter turbocharged engine, harbors 170 horsepower, and can produce up to 184 lb.-ft of torque. Especially those strong torque numbers are impressive for a sedan in the Jetta's class. The Jetta also gives drivers more trunk volume than one should expect from a typical sedan of its size. The 2014 Jetta's trunk measures in at 15.5 cubic feet, which is quite unusually large.

No matter the model year, the Volkswagen Jetta is always built with a look that will never go out of style. A lot of the other vehicles in the Jetta's class try to sell themselves with overly flashy exteriors. But the Jetta doesn't overstate its athleticism with a body design that doesn't accurately portray its mindset, or the mindset of the people who drive it.

There Are No Loose Ends

The used Volkswagen Jetta models at Action Direct USA in Rochester NY are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of car shoppers. These vehicles have been kept in prime condition, and many come with the additional features that put Volkswagen vehicles ahead of the competition, like leatherette seats. Anyone who is looking to purchase a sedan in the Rochester NY area should make a point to check out the selection of Volkswagen Jetta vehicles at Auction Direct USA.

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