Used Volkswagen Passat Rochester NY

Used Volkswagen Passat Rochester NY

The Volkswagen Passat is a sedan that offers drivers reliable ride, but also a sense of classic distinction and style. Potential car buyers looking for a used Volkswagen Passat in Rochester NY will be wise to look at the selection at Auction Direct USA. As one of the top mid-sized sedans of the automotive world, the Passat is a vehicle that retains its value well. Luckily for car shoppers in the Rochester NY area, Auction Direct USA has many Passat models that are priced at an extremely reasonable level.

Auction Direct USA keeps only recent model year used Passat models at its dealership in Rochester NY. This means that these models are going to be in better condition and have less miles than those you might find at another dealership.

More Than Just Another Sedan

Used Volkswagen Rochester NY

Based on its solid appearance and build, one might not expect the Passat to be a relatively fuel-efficient vehicle. However, the Passat is actually a great choice for potential car buyers who want a vehicle that gets good gas mileage numbers. The 2014 Passat, for example, is rated to receive an estimated 34 mpg on the highway when equipped with the 1.8T engine package. These are great efficiency numbers for any sedan, but especially one that is as spacious as the Passat, with its 102 cubic feet of passenger space. The Passat also defies expectations in terms of trunk space. It offers drivers a trunk measuring a massive 15.9 cubic feet.

The Passat is a vehicle that was built with the consumer in mind. That was the inspiration for the Wolfsburg Edition. This trim line for the Passat is between the intro-level S and upgraded SE, and features almost all of the major features of the SE at a value price point. This inspired thinking by Volkswagen has trickled down to the Passat Wolfsburg Edition being a fantastic used vehicle.

Quality Packed Into Every Corner

Anyone who wants a used Volkswagen Passat in the Rochester NY area should seriously consider looking at the available models at Auction Direct USA. With so many available models for sale at Auction Direct USA in Rochester NY, this is a great place to begin your search for a used Volkswagen Passat. There are few places where you might be able to match the deals on used Volkswagen Passat models that are at Auction Direct USA.

Used Passat For Sale Rochester NY