Rural road ablaze with color during the fall season

Vehicle Fall Season Preparation Maintenance Durham, NC

North Carolina has long been lauded as one of the best states to live in thanks to its comfortable fall and winter seasons, along with all the activities available in the cities and rural areas. While we are looking forward to the gorgeous coloring on the leaves and abundance of produce that will be ready to harvest soon, along with cheering for our favorite college football team, we  want to make sure that your vehicle is ready to get you where you want to go. 


Luckily, Auction Direct USA is here to help with all your maintenance needs. We have a full-service center with technicians who are specially-trained to know the architecture and personality of a variety of domestic and foreign vehicles. Our technicians can do a complete lookover to ensure that everything under the hood and up in the underbelly is in proper working order, and if there are any issues, they will let you know – and they will fix them quickly and carefully so you can get back out on the road stress-free. 


While the fall season is a little cooler, though not as cold as Connecticut or Wisconsin, now is the time for some seasonal maintenance. Here at Auction Direct USA, we see an uptick in drivers coming to us for help to ensure that their vehicle stays reliable. Some of our most-requested tasks include switching summer tires for winter ones, testing the battery, inspecting the brake system, cleaning the headlights, changing the oil, fluid top-offs/switches, cabin heating system inspections, and much more! 


If your vehicle could use some TLC before the leaves go from green to orange, please contact us here at Auction Direct USA and schedule a service appointment today!