Mechanic at a vehicle service center

Vehicle Oil Changes Durham, NC

Here at Auction Direct USA, we strive to sell you the very best used vehicle options so you can enjoy long-lasting dependability and satisfaction. With your used vehicle from Auction Direct USA, you will be relying on it as your daily commuter, road tripper, and worker. And you want it to continue to deliver performance as awesome as the day you bought it. Of course, it will help when you give your vehicle regular maintenance. One of the most regular maintenance tasks is changing the oil every three months or 3,000 miles. Fresh oil at the appropriate amount is essential for your engine to continue to run without damaging it.  


Luckily, we are here to help keep your used vehicle running smoothly with regular oil changes. Here at Auction Direct USA, we do more than just help you find the perfect used vehicle. We are also here to help you take care of it so you can enjoy long-lasting dependability and optimal performance. Many dealerships that offer an in-house service center specialize in their respective brand, but that is not us! Our highly-skilled technicians are extremely familiar with a variety of vehicles from domestic and foreign brands. Many of them have been working with us for a long time and they can easily pinpoint any existing or upcoming issues so they can be resolved and you can get back out on the road. While our technicians can take care of big tasks like major engine repairs, they are more than happy to take care of simple tasks like an oil change.  


Our service center has a wide selection of oil grades and filters that work for a variety of domestic and foreign vehicles. That means you don't need to task yourself with shopping at n an overpriced and overwhelming chain auto parts store). Additionally, we have the ability to correctly recycle the old oil and filter – meaning that you won’t have any extra clutter in your garage or worry about harming the environment! 


To schedule an oil change for your vehicle, contact our service center today!