Crossover vs SUV

Is a Used Crossover or SUV Right for Me?

In conversation with most folks, you will typically hear them call their 5 to 8-passenger utility vehicle an SUV. However, not all SUVs are true SUVs. Many utility vehicles are actually crossovers. Most people have come to accept that "SUV" is just the most common and easiest phrase to use, so we don't encourage correcting anyone because you will get a lot of eye rolls and be called a know-it-all – and not in a good way. The only time that you really need to be concerned about the crossover vs SUV issue is when you are ready to purchase a pre-owned vehicle from Auction Direct USA, because one might work better for you over the other. 

So what are the differences between a used crossover and a used SUV? It is all in the construction. A crossover sits on a sedan-based platform and features unibody construction, while an SUV is built on a truck-based platform and has a body-on-frame construction. 

Now you are probably wondering, "how can a crossover or SUV's construction determine which style I should buy?" – and we can assure you it makes a difference based on your needs. The sedan-based crossover allows for a nimbler handling, so it is a great choice if your lifestyle typically involves commuting through heavy city traffic and occasional road trips. Crossovers are also typically more fuel efficient and can handle snow-covered roads quite well when outfitted with AWD. Truck-based SUVs, on the other hand, offer a stiffer handling (which is something that many drivers enjoy), are usually able to tow heavier loads, and are more capable of handling rougher off-road adventures when outfitted with 4WD. This makes them a great choice for drivers/families who enjoy the great outdoors. 

To learn more about the differences between crossovers and SUVs and to decide which model is right for you, come visit us here at Auction Direct USA.