Used Kia Soul in Rochester, NY

The Kia Soul is one of the most recognizable vehicles in the global automotive industry. Customers looking to utilize this game-changing platform will likely be able to find an affordable and well-equipped used Kia Soul in Rochester, NY at the Auction Direct USA facility. Kia has really built something special when they started rolling the Soul out of its factories. The Kia Soul doesn’t fit cleanly into any single automotive category. It’s technically a wagon, but it handles like a sedan and offers interior dimensions of a crossover SUV. Auction Direct USA currently has several models of the Kia Soul for consideration at its New York facility. Each of these models offers a differing set of equipment so a closer look will be required. Customers can schedule an appointment with an Auction Direct USA product expert today by calling, 844-287-5491.
Just about every used Kia Soul in Rochester, NY makes a strong case for being one of the most technologically advanced vehicles in its class of the automotive industry. As customers examine Soul models closer to the new model year, they will see ever more advanced standard equipment. At a minimum, most of the available used Kia Soul models at Auction Direct USA will have a rearview camera and Bluetooth connectivity. Drivers and passengers will be able to use the wireless connection to make and receive phone calls without picking up their phones in addition to streaming music and podcasts. Later versions of the Kia Soul will have an even more advanced infotainment system equipped. These newer models will also have compatibility with the most popular apps from today’s most popular smartphone platforms.
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Standard Performance

Interior Features

Avail. Technology

1.6-L, 4-Cyl. 5-passenger capacity Rearview camera
130 hp/118 lb.-ft. 61 cu.-ft. max cargo volume Bluetooth connectivity
Six-speed manual 39.1 in. rear legroom USB inputs
24 mpg city/30 mpg hwy Avail. sunroof MP3-compatible

Performance Specs

There are a variety of powertrain options available for the used Kia Soul in Rochester, NY at Auction Direct USA. The base level of the Kia Soul for most model years is powered by a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine and is attached to a six-speed manual transmission. It will make 130 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque. Some of the Kia Soul options at Auction Direct USA may also feature a six-speed automatic gear changer. Other engine options include a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine making a 164 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque. Later models may also feature a 201-horsepower, turbocharged, 1.6-liter engine.
A photo of the max cargo configuration in the used Kia Soul.
A photo of the one of the touchscreen options available in some used Kia Soul models.
A head-on photo of a used Kia Soul model.
A rear left quarter photo of the used Kia Soul leaving a parking garage.