Auction Direct USA Recall Policy

Manufacturers have not authorized Auction Direct USA to complete recall repairs and close out recalls. The current recall system is based on
manufacturer's relationship with its dealers and registered owners. Before you purchase a vehicle from Auction Direct USA, your Sales Associate will review with you a Vehicle History report and a VIN-specific recall report from the NHTSA website. Auction Direct USA notifies customers prior to purchasing to have open recalls fixed by the manufacturer immediately.

Register your vehicle with the manufacturer as soon as you make a purchase. The details for registration vary by manufacturer, but you will usually need your address, date of purchase, VIN and the year, make and model of your vehicle. By registering, you will receive information on open recalls, as well as other important information, directly from the manufacturer. You also will be listed with the manufacturer as the current owner if a new recall is issued. Please refer to, and for further recall information. By subscribing to (recall notification email system) you will receive automatic recall and safety email alerts.