2017 Ford Expedition Rochester, NY

2017 Ford Expedition

2017 Expedition Style

The 2017 Ford Expedition give off a look of durability, confidence, and capability thanks to its bold stance and ruggedly elegant design. The front end is capable of creating a look that distinguishes the Expedition as the flagship SUV in the Ford lineup. Standard LED fog lamps are sure to pierce through dense fog allowing you to see the road clearly. To help further your vision even more, available halogen projector-beam headlights power through even the darkest of nights, giving you a perfect view of the journey that lies ahead.

On the inside, the 2017 Expedition has room for up to eight adults to sit comfortably. This is sure to make any trip to the cabin upstate easier, as now you'll be able to fit your entire family and all of your gear in one vehicle instead of taking two. When you don't need to haul seven other humans, the 2nd-and 3rd-row seats both fold down allowing you to maximize your interior cargo space, up to 108.3 cubic feet. No weekend project will be too big for your 2017 Expedition. To really set the mood just right while you drive, the available ambient lighting in the 2017 Expedition will light up the front and rear footwells and more to match how you're feeling.

2017 Expedition Technology

Available on the 2017 Expedition is the popular Blind Spot Information System, BLIS®, with Cross-Traffic Alert. This innovative system is capable of utilizing sensors that are located along the side panels of the vehicle in order to watch out for any vehicles in your blind spot. When the system does detect that another vehicle is in an area that you may not be able to see, it will automatically send you an alert and will illuminate a light on the appropriate side-view mirror letting you know the other car is there. The Cross-Traffic alert part of the feature scans up to 15 yards to search for any traffic driving behind you as you back out of your driveway.

Coming standard on the 2017 Expedition is the Hill Start Assist/Hill Decent Control™ feature. This helpful technology helps when you're parked or driving on an incline by keeping the vehicle's engine under control, especially while you're towing. There's almost nothing scarier than having a full trailer's worth of weight pushing you down a hill. While you're going downhill, the Hill Decent Control System will actively engage the braking system as need be as you manuver your way down even the steepest of slopes. When you've parked on an incline and want to get going again, the Hill Start Assist will automatically keep pressure on the brakes while your foot slides over to the accelerator so you don't have to worry about sliding down.

2017 Ford Expedition