Hyundai Sonata Raleigh NC

The Hyundai Sonata is a popular 4-door, mid-size sedan that is produced and sold by the famous South Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai. The many versions of the car have enjoyed commercial success across a number of countries including South Korea, China, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Russia, Italy, and Canada, apart from the United States. Most of the later models of the Hyundai Sonata have been mid-size to large vehicles but have offered excellent performance making it an ideal vehicle for daily transportation needs.

Generations of delivering performance and comfort

Hyundai released the first generation Sonata in 1985 offering a higher number of standard equipment for a lower price. Although the vehicle was sold as an executive car, the customers found that the build quality was not as good as the other vehicles in the segment. The car did enjoy commercial success, however, due to the fuel efficiency and low price. The subsequent Hyundai Sonatas have seen many performance and design upgrades and have turned their weakness into their strength. The later models of the Sonata are now considered to provide a much better build quality than the competitors for the same price!

Large variety of features

The seventh generation Hyundai Sonata was released in 2015, after improving upon the previous version of the vehicle. The latest version sees an improved design, upgraded powertrain and more standard and optional features. The drivetrain manages to generate more power while simultaneously reducing the fuel consumption. There are also safety features such as anti-lock disc brakes, traction control, stability control, side airbags. The large range of features and improved designs have earned this vehicle high ratings during crash testing and test driving, making it one of the most reliable vehicles in the present market. If you are looking for a Hyundai Sonata Raleigh NC, feel free to call us and we will be glad to help you!

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