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Sell Your Used Car in Rochester, NY

Put down the car window paint! We’ll help you sell your used car fast with a fair and competitive cash offer!

We have all seen cars by the side of the road in varying states of decay with a price sloppily written on a piece of plywood, or in soapy letters on the windshield. Is selling a car on the roadside best practice, though? Maybe you’re leaning toward Craigslist, and putting your car on the popular classified site with pictures and a description and waiting for that bite to conduct your business.

There is a better way! Selling your car to a reputable and low-pressure dealership can mean huge benefits. On the other side, selling a car privately can lead to your car’s value decreasing, and selling for less when it finally sells, than if you would have sold it to a dealership.

Selling your car to Auction Direct USA means you don’t have to take care of maintenance and cleaning in the time it takes to sell. It also means you’re not responsible for advertising. At the end of the day, your car is gone, and you have cash in hand. Nothing extra to worry about!

Why Sell Your Car to Auction Direct USA?

Just like our hassle-free sales, only Auction Direct gives you a fast and easy appraisal process. You’ll get a fair and competitive offer on your vehicle – no low-balling, or “Well…” here! How fast is our appraisal process? Sellers usually receive an offer within 30 minutes or less! If the offer is satisfactory to you, you’ll have a check in your hand on the spot.

We know your car has served you well, and we’re excited to help it move on to its next home. We provide fair and competitive valuation for the cars we buy, but we don’t want you to just take our word for that. Shop around! Our appraisals are good for 5 days or 500 miles. We do this to give you time to check around and see for yourself that the offers we provide are on the mark.

Buying and selling used cars is our heart and soul. Our offers are no-hassle and no obligation. If you’re not satisfied with our offer, you are under no obligation to sell. By selling direct to Auction Direct USA, you’re moving on to the next chapter and getting rid of a vehicle that, under private sale conditions, would need to be cleaned, kept up and liable for scrutiny from roadside buyers.

Come on down to Auction Direct USA today! We’ll get you your competitive and fair cash offer fast.