Used AWD or 4WD Vehicles for Sale in Rochester, NY

We really don’t like to admit it, but snow is just around the corner. Pretty soon, we’ll be bundling up and getting those shovels ready to dig out our driveways and sidewalks from the frozen powder that flows so freely in these winter months. While popular opinion on snow seems to be split between “Amazing and charming and beautiful and how can you have Christmas without snow?” and “Is it May yet?”, one thing is for sure, snow tends to complicate things.

One of the routines to which snow can add a frustrating level of complication is driving. Not only do we need to plan further ahead to get places, but a big blizzard can completely derail weekend travel plans. Vehicles with all-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive are renowned for their ability to handle in imposing, traction-robbing, snowy weather.

Car driving in snow

What are the Best Vehicles for Snow?

Due to their ability to send power to the wheels with the most traction, vehicles with four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) perform admirably in the snow. Cars, trucks and SUVS with these drivetrains feature sensors that can detect when a wheel is slipping and move the car forward with a wheel that has more traction.

While you should still drive safely in the snow, possessing a vehicle with AWD of 4WD does add peace of mind, especially when driving over patchy, packed-down snow or ice.

Some of the best used cars for snow include:

Subaru Forester – The Subaru Forester features an always-on, symmetrical all-wheel drive system that handles better than many of its competitors’ AWD or 4WD systems. The boxer engine lays flat in the engine bay so the center of gravity is low, preventing weight shift and tipping over. Newer models feature active safety features that can provide additional help in inclement weather.

Jeep vehicles – Jeep vehicles enjoy a sterling reputation for their off-road prowess. The same factors that contribute to this reputation make them excellent drivers in low-traction environments.

Other SUVs – While pickup trucks and cars are available with AWD or 4WD systems, typically crossovers and SUVs are going to have the weight distribution and safety features that truly deliver peace of mind in poor driving conditions. We have a ton of crossovers and SUVs to choose from, so let us help you find the perfect model.

Contact us today to speak with an Auction Direct USA sales representative. We’ll help you find the best winter-ready car for your unique need!

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