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Midsized crossovers are some of the most popular vehicles on America’s highways. We can see why. These vehicles are efficient and small enough to handle while offering plenty of utility for an on-the-go lifestyle. They suit a very wide range of drivers, including young professionals, retired couples, and growing families. And they work well for commuting to the office, dropping the kids off at softball practice and Girl Scout meetings, bringing home the groceries, hitting the road for a weekend away, and more! 


Due to their popularity, you want a midsized crossover that will stand out. It will definitely be easier to find when you walk out the mall’s doors and look around the jam-packed parking lot during the holiday season – or when you pick up your kids from the busy school pick-up zone. One way to stand out is by choosing a more premium vehicle like the Buick Enclave. This midsized crossover sports three rows of seats so you can fit all your favorite people – and the exterior is stylish enough to let everyone know that you have arrived! 


Being a premium brand, Buick comes with a higher price tag when brand-new, and the 2020 Enclave starts at around $40,000. While it is not as expensive as its Cadillac cousin, it never hurts to save some money. This is where we come in! Here at Auction Direct USA, we regularly have high-quality used Buick Enclave models available for a fraction of the cost! With all the money you will be saving at our dealership, you can still go on that dream road trip or sign your kids up for that pricy summer camp! 

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