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Used Chevy Traverse Raleigh, NC

Common Chevy Traverse Features



Available Technology

4-cylinder or V6 engines available Seats 7 to 8 passengers Rearview camera
1,500-pound towing power (2018 models) 23.0 / 57.8 / 98.2-cubic foot cargo space (2018 models) Infotainment systems
Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive available Cargo nets available Teen driver equipment
Up to 18 mpg-city / 27 mpg-highway fuel economy (2018 models) Easy-open liftgate Wireless charging


Are you looking for a larger family vehicle that is incredibly stylish? Then we recommend a Chevy Traverse! As a midsize crossover, the Chevy Traverse is the next size up from its Equinox sibling. It comes with three rows of seats that can accommodate seven to eight passengers, which makes it a great choice if you have a growing family or are very social. Even if you only have two kids, the extra row of seats can be extremely helpful during the daily commute or cross-country road trips when there is a lot of backseat bickering going on – you can easily separate them and you can drive in peace (and save yourself from a vicious headache). 

The extra row of seats also makes the Chevy Traverse the ultimate road-tripper because you have lots of room for cargo when the last row is folded down. Models from 2018 boast a 23.0 / 57.8 / 98.2-cubic foot cargo space, and older models offer even more. With all that space, you can bring along all the camping gear you need for a few days in the Nantahala National Park – or plenty of luggage for a road trip over to San Antonio, TX. 

Despite being part of General Motors' most economically-priced brand, the Chevy Traverse is considered to be a high-end model by many drivers and experts. This means that it is definitely on the pricier side when it is brand new – you could be looking to spend between $30,000 and $54,000! Luckily, you can save big bucks when you shop with us here at Auction Direct USA! We specialize in used vehicles, and we only offer the very best options to ensure long-lasting quality and dependability. 

If you are interested in an affordable pre-owned Chevy Traverse, please check out our online inventory or visit our dealership today! 

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