Low-angled image of a vehicle on a gravel road

Used Crossovers and SUVs with AWD in Raleigh, NC

Here in Raleigh, we are incredibly blessed that we experience mild weather most of the time. However, we will see snow roll through on occasion, and it isn’t unheard of for us to receive some of the rains from a coastal hurricane. Even with this heavy precipitation, many of us still have places to go (like work, our kids’ after-school activities, and family obligations). One way to make getting to these places easier in inclement weather is by driving a vehicle outfitted with AWD. 


AWD (all-wheel drive) is a specialty drivetrain that delivers extra power to all the vehicle’s wheels to give it extra traction on rain-soaked and snow-covered roads. On a brand-new vehicle, AWD can jack of the pricing by more than $1,000. Luckily, you can get AWD and an extra dose of confidence when you shop for a high-quality used vehicle here at Auction Direct USA-Raleigh! 


At our Raleigh location, we make sure to keep several crossovers and SUVs with AWD in stock because they are great for trekking through the Great Smoky Mountains or heading north during the winter season. We are very meticulous about our quality and each vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection before being added to our inventory. 


Because we specialize in high-quality used vehicles, you will find a great crossover or SUV that is quite young and comes at a significantly lower cost than a brand-new model. And to make things even easier, we can work out a payment plan that is easy for your monthly budget – and we can negotiate a trade for your current vehicle so you can save even more and letting go of the old model will be convenient! 


To learn more about our selection of used crossovers and SUVs with AWD and to start shopping, please visit our Raleigh location today!