Low-angled image of a car on a gravel road

Used Crossovers and SUVs with AWD in Rochester, NY

Hey car shoppers! How are you holding up with this holiday storm? Winter storms are nothing new for us here in upstate New York – especially here in Rochester, where we receive all that Lake Effect snow! While we are all used to that snow, many of us can attest that driving a crossover or SUV outfitted with all-wheel drive is a LOT easier than just navigating with the tradittional front-wheel drive. 


All-wheel drive (AWD) delivers extra power to all the wheels of a vehicle so that it has extra traction on wet or icy road conditions. Unlike 4-wheel drive, AWD is always active and is great for all seasons from those summer rains to winter snowstorms. With AWD, you will be able to get to work more easily (and score some brownie points with the boss) or travel for the holidays with fewer worries. 


If you have been shopping for a different vehicle, you know that a brand-new vehicle is expensive, and when you add AWD, the cost goes up by more than $1,000.  


Luckily, we have the perfect solution! Here at Auction Direct USA-Rochester, we specialize in high-quality used vehicles, and we make sure to keep a large stock of crossovers and SUVs outfitted with AWD in our inventory! When you shop with us, you will enjoy saving big on your next vehicle because you won’t have the marked-up pricing of a brand-new model. With all that money you save when you shop with us you can treat yourself to another big purchase (maybe a road trip when the weather is a little more ideal) or save those funds for a rainy day. 


Here at Auction Direct USA, we strive for the best quality and each crossover and SUV with AWD that comes our way undergoes a thorough inspection before being added to our inventory. 


To learn more and to start shopping, visit our Rochester location today!