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Used Ford Focus Rochester NY

The Ford Focus is a relatively new car for the automotive world, but in that short time it has already become a solid contender. Now in it’s third generation, it has surprised the world over with its 1.0L EcoBoost 3-cylinder engine that has provided drivers with 123 horsepower and a fuel efficiency that reaches into the high thirties. Both the second and third generations of the used Ford Focus in Rochester, NY are available at Auction Direct.

The vehicle comes as a sedan and a 3 or 5-door hatchback. In the second generation you will find features like Bluetooth hands-free calling, adaptive front lighting and a KeyFree system. The hatchback was not made available in North America for this generation, but returned in 2011.

The third generation upgraded the engine, giving the vehicle a mixture of more power and fuel efficiency. The cabin was redesigned and the available entertainment technology was upgraded. The exterior was also changed up, to give the Focus a sportier look and more aerodynamic ride. The Focus also comes in a full electric version and the ST, rally inspired model.

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Innovative, Fun Drive


The Ford Focus has been quietly advancing itself in the compact car segment. In every version it is a surprising and affordable vehicle. With the 1.0L 3-cylinder engine, you find power in something so tiny, some would have said it was never possible. The ST is by far one of the most exciting compact vehicles to drive that has ever come off a production line and the electric puts up numbers that make it feel like a viable car. Each highlight of the separate versions can be found in slightly smaller doses in each other vehicle.

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Not only does the Focus perform and excite drivers, it is a reliable vehicle. Though they may have some miles on them, the low price for a superb car that can last is an unbeatable option. If you want to know about each specific Focus on the lot our knowledgeable staff can share everything they know with you. It is also possible to schedule a test drive and get a feel for this fun vehicle.

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