2020 Ford Explorer parked exterior side view

Used Ford Explorer in Raleigh NC 

The Ford Explorer offers a ton of exceptional benefits and systems for you to enjoy, letting you tackle life’s adventures no matter where they might take you! This model is one of the strongest SUVs on the market today, giving you a ton of benefits overall. What are some of these features, you ask? What can you expect on a new or used Ford Explorer? Continue reading below to find out! 

2020 Ford Explorer driving on ice and snow road

Ford Explorer Performance Features 

In terms of power and capability, the Ford Explorer has a ton of exceptional options and features for you to enjoy. These include the power to do what you want and then some. It’s a model that’s ready for adventure, offering a ton of capability with a strong EcoBoost engine and an exceptional 10-speed transmission system. These two features, combined often with an exceptional four-wheel-drive technology and terrain management system, allows you to tackle the road or trail without worry or pause! 

2020 Ford Explorer interior dash and wheel

Ford Explorer Interior Technologies 

In addition to great performance, Ford Explorers also come equipped with adventure-ready technologies, letting you enjoy plenty of smart and capable systems. These range in what they offer you, but most commonly you can enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through the SYNC system. Both features allow you to connect your compatible smartphone to your model and enjoy music, navigation, calling and messaging technologies, and more right through your Ford Explorer!  

2020 Ford Explorer rear view side mirror

Ford Explorer Safety Systems 

Finally, the Ford Explorer is built for safety, offering a tough and strong frame and foundation for your protection. The SUV has a ton of active and passive safety systems built in for you, including an advanced airbag system, multiple driver-awareness technologies, and more. Some of these features include a rear-view camera, lane-keeping system, automatic emergency braking, and others! 

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So, if you’re looking for a model that offers a ton of benefits for you to enjoy, ranging from performance to safety, the Ford Explorer is the one for you! To learn more about this great vehicle, or to take it for a test drive yourself, contact our dealership today! 

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