Used Honda Fit Raleigh NC

Used Honda Fit Raleigh, NC
Used Honda Fit Raleigh, NC


Continuously Variable Transmission

Used Honda Fit Raleigh, NC

Engine Options

Sporty and efficient engine.


Used Honda Fit Raleigh, NC


Consistently earns high safety ratings.


Used Honda Fit Raleigh, NC


With the Magic Seats, The Fit is always comfortable.

Used Honda Fit Raleigh, NC

Standard Features

The Fit offers a standard backup camera along with other great technology.

Used Honda Fit Raleigh, NC

Fuel Economy

Always efficient.

The Honda Fit

The Honda Fit has been quietly available for around 15 years, at first people didn’t take notice, but by the time it reached its second generation in 2008 people began to take notice of the small hatchback that offered a mind bending amount of passenger volume. It’s not an optical illusion, the Used Honda Fit in Raleigh, NC does offer a compact ride with a comfortable interior.

The interior offers more than just ample space. Also found in the Fit is plenty of technology and features for entertainment and comfort as well as the Honda Magic Seats. The easily manipulated seats offer an interior that can quickly change for a busy schedule of dropping off kids and picking up a month’s worth of groceries.


Used Honda Fit Raleigh, NC

Honda Performance

The Fit offers an exceptional drive train that is efficient while at the same time offering ample power for getting up to speed on the highway. It also offers a history of safety, recently earning the rating of top safety pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2014. It is the full package shrunk down.

This surprising compact hatchback is well worth a look, especially for the used price offered at Auction Direct. A vehicle that is fun to drive and useful, offers the ideal vehicle for any driver. For more information on the Fit and what it has to offer you can contact Auction Direct through our site or by phone.