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When it comes to auto brands imported from Japan, most drivers typically think of Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. But there is one brand that has become more popular in recent years – and that is Mitsubishi! This brand’s sales have increased drastically thanks to its affordable prices and top-notch efficiency (its Mirage G4 sedan is lauded as one of the most efficient sedans on the market thanks to its estimated 35 mpg-city / 41 mpg-highway fuel economy) and affordable prices. And since Mitsubishi has become more popular in recent years, vehicles from the brand become more available at our dealership in recent years.

Orange-colored Mitsubishi Mirage

What We Love About the Mitsubishi Brand

The Mitsubishi name means “three diamonds”. If you take a look at the logo on the front grille of each vehicle, you will see that it comprises of three diamonds. Diamonds are renowned for not only their beauty but also their strength (in the geological world, diamonds are the toughest gemstones). We like to think that the same thing can be said about Mitsubishi vehicles. They are incredibly stylish and they are reliable so you can travel around North Carolina and beyond with no worries.

Save Big at Auction Direct USA

Mitsubishi is known to be one of the most affordable brands on the road. In 2019, an all-new Eclipse Cross SE (a sculpted and sporty subcompact crossover) starts at around $26,695 – and that is before any extra accessories, taxes and other applicable fees are added on. That’s not bad, but why not save even more? Here at Auction Direct USA, we offer high-quality used models at prices that are even easier to handle thanks to value depreciation. In fact, at the time of writing this web page, we have that same 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SE listed at $23,700! Even though the vehicle is still young – not even a year old – you can save big when you shop used with us! 


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