Used Subaru Forester Raleigh, NC

used subaru forester raleigh nc

In the automotive industry, competition is fierce. This is especially true in the surging crossover SUV classes. Subaru is a company that has never been too big on competing with other market players, preferring instead to focus on their own style of automotive design, power, and drive. Their innovation frequently challenge and inspire the industry. Because of their unique approach, Subaru has gained somewhat of a cult following. Their vehicles are dependable, hold their value, and have a tendency of outclassing competition in nearly every performance metric.

The Subaru Forester is a perfect example of this type of stand-out innovation. Though it’s built on the platform of their smaller Impreza sedan, the Subaru Forester has over 70 cu-ft. of space with the seats folded down. It’s handling and power options allow you to get the most control and traction available in a small crossover SUV. Additionally, none of this performance comes at the sacrifice of efficiency. It’s not uncommon for a Subaru Forester to record nearly 30 miles per gallon (depending on engine), a number unheard of in non-hybrid, all-wheel drive crossovers.

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The Subaru Forester is a great vehicle for the hilly terrain of Raleigh, and the greater Piedmont region. You can expect control and handling on snaky hill and mountain roads, and incredible all-weather performance from your Forester.

Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive platform is one of the innovations we talked about earlier. By fundamentally rethinking all-wheel drive, Subaru has built a drive-train that pulls the best elements from both all-wheel drive, and 4-wheel drive systems. Unlike other crossovers, the Subaru platform is designed for all-wheel drive.

Instead of featuring a predominant FWD system that can engage the rear wheels during traction loss, all four wheels are constantly moving in the Forester. This means that you never worry about a lapse between traction loss and torque to the wheel(s) with traction.

The horizontally-opposed boxer engine allows all power output to run the length of the vehicle with symmetrical axles. Many other all-wheel drive competitors are liable for torque-steering, a result of a shorter left front axle, but not the Subaru Forester.

You’ll conquer greater terrain than ever before. The Subaru Forester performs and handles well in the most inclement weather. It really is something different, and wonderful.

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