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Here in North Carolina, we consider ourselves pretty lucky that we have plenty of gorgeous weather. However, we will get a dumping of snow on occasion. It seems like whenever there are only a couple of inches of snow on the ground, we refuse to go anywhere. However, the luxury of staying home is not always possible – especially if we have some huge projects at work with upcoming deadlines. 

If you find yourself in this type of situation, we have the perfect vehicle brand to help you out: Subaru. This brand has been gaining tons of popularity in the last few years thanks to its amazing all-wheel drive that can help you drive on snow-covered roads with confidence. And with their rugged styling, they are perfect for camping in North Carolina from the coastal beaches to the Great Smoky Mountains. 

One of the best reasons to purchase a used Subaru from our dealership is that you will enjoy great pricing. Sure, new Subaru vehicles are not atrociously expensive, but why not save where you can? A new Subaru vehicle loses its initial value extremely quickly, and that means you can easily find a model that is only a few years ago (and still in great shape) at a much more affordable price. Ah, the joys of depreciation! 

So what kinds of Subaru vehicles can you find here at Auction Direct USA? The most popular model is the Outback. It doesn't have an Australian accent, but it is great for daily commuting and getaways to the mountains. And with its spacious cargo area, you can fit plenty of camping gear – or curl up and stay protected from unexpected rain. Other popular models include the Forester, the Crosstrek, and the Impreza. 

To learn more about used Subaru vehicles, please visit us here at Auction Direct USA. 


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