Used VW Passat Rochester NY

The Used Volkswagen Passat in Rochester, NY is the child of German engineering, and has been a figurehead of Volkswagen since the early 70s. The family vehicle has previously come as a wagon and a four-door sedan, but the most recent model comes as only a four-door. The mid-size sedan offers drives an impressive mixture of power and efficiency along with several variations and trim options.

Volkswagens are also known for their longevity, making them an premium choice as a used vehicle as they will be able to continue one for many miles. Not only that, but they also offer an extensive list of features and a near luxury interior that focuses on comfort.

Used Volkswagen Passat Rochester, NY

Used Volkswagen Passat Rochester, NY

Quality Drive

The Passat is a sporty machine that handles well on the road, never hesitating to reach highway speeds or having issues taking a tight corner. Mix that with the premium interior, offered by quality materials and the Passat really turns out to be a sedan that knows how to treat a driver. Your passengers will also be treated right with the best-in class legroom that the Passat offers.

The Passat also offers touch screen navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, remote start, premium audio and the VW infotainment system in recent models. Some older years may have less, but they are still built with the same ingenuity of Volkswagen.

VW Passat steering wheel
VW Passat interior
VW Passat parked in street
Two VW Passats

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