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Vehicle Interior Cleaning and Sanitation Rochester, NY

Here at Auction Direct USA, we know that life happens. We stop at the fuel pump once a week to fill up the tank. We take the kids to the playground where they think that filling their pockets with sand is a good idea. We spill our Starbucks after suddenly hitting the brakes when some jerk cuts us off in the morning traffic. The list goes on. All those things in life can bring a lot of gross stuff into your vehicle, and you would be horrified by how disgusting the surfaces in your vehicle actually are! 


Luckily, we are here to help clean up the interior of your vehicle to ensure that it is germ-free! Our dealership location in Rochester offers interior cleaning and sanitation services for your vehicle that are specialized to ensure that the most germs are eliminated. Our technicians will go in and use specialty cleaning solutions that are recommended by the auto industry for optimal yet safe sanitation. They can put a special focus on the steering wheel, vents, dash, control center, seating, and carpeting to ensure the best clean.


In addition to cleaning your vehicle, our technicians are happy to inspect your vehicle to ensure everything is working and you can continue to enjoy a dependable ride. 

Come Get Your Vehicle Serviced at Auction Direct USA! 

While we specialize in selling high-quality used vehicles, we offer in-house service centers at our store locations to help keep your vehicle dependable for many years to come. Some of the services available at our centers include basic and specialty oil changes, tire care,  brake services, engine diagnostics, battery care and replacements, electrical work, exhaust system repairs, collision repairs, seasonal maintenance, and much more! 


Our technicians are familiar with a variety of brands and vehicle styles so that you can get high-quality and efficient service for your chosen model.


To learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment, please contact us today! Thanks and we look forward to helping you keep your vehicle happy and healthy! 

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