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Here at Auction Direct USA-Rochester, our favorite way to see the United States and Canada is by car. It gives us a chance to see some of the hidden gems that get overlooked when flying – and it typically is cheaper, especially if you are traveling with multiple people. And you can save even more when you purchase a high-quality used vehicle. 

The one bit of anxiety that almost everyone experiences before a road trip is whether or not our vehicle is up for the task of covering many miles. Luckily, we are here to help keep your vehicle happy and healthy while you are on the road and prevent a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. 

Before we add the "for sale" sticker to any of our vehicles, we do a thorough inspection to ensure quality and safety. We can also help keep it in great condition thanks to our in-house service center. Our technicians are extremely familiar with a variety of brands and vehicle styles so they are able to pinpoint any issues that need to be fixed before you hit the road. 

When you bring your high-quality used vehicle to use, we can help ensure that you make it to Mount Rushmore and back thanks to a wide spectrum of maintenance tasks, including tire rotations, balancing, and replacements, along with battery inspections and replacements, fluid switches and top-offs, oil changes, engine inspections, underbelly inspections, windshield wiper replacements, heating/air conditioning repairs, and more. 

So what are you waiting for? Stop stressing about your road trip and start making a list of all the things you want to do on your adventure while your vehicle is receiving top-quality TLC from us! Schedule an appointment with us today! We are located at 6520 State Route 96 in Victor, NY. 

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