Vehicle Winter Preparation Maintenance Rochester, NY

Vehicle Winter Preparation Maintenance Rochester, NY

many people enjoy winter season and going outside to snowmobile, ice fish, or skiing, some of us prefer to stay inside and snuggled up in a blanket next to a fireplace with a good book or binge-watching The Office on Netflix. Unfortunately, we are forced to go outside to go to work, head home for the holidays, or run to the grocery store (we need more hot chocolate mix!). Luckily, it helps when we have a dependable vehicle to keep us protected from the elements and get us to-and-fro as quickly as possible.  

Here at Auction Direct USA-Rochester, we offer an excellent selection of high-quality used vehicles that will serve you well during the winter months (including crossovers and SUVs outfitted with AWD and 4WD drivetrains!). But did you know that we are also home to a service center that will help you with all your maintenance needs and keep your vehicle dependable during the long and cold winter? 

That's right! Our service center is outfitted with the equipment needed to keep your high-quality used vehicle in great shape. Our technicians are highly trained and are familiar with vehicles from a variety of brands, so they can quickly and easily take care of any maintenance tasks you need done – from basic oil changes to more complicated engine work.  

To help you get your vehicle ready for the winter season, our technicians can make sure that the heating system is working perfectly, along with switching out your current tires for a winter-grade set, testing the battery and replacing it if necessary, and more! 

To learn more about winter preparation maintenance for your used vehicle, please contact us and schedule an appointment today!