Great driving experience at a reasonable price with Ford Focus in Rochester NY

Ford is known to produce reliable cars. So when the first generation Ford Focus was released back in 1998, the responsive performance and competitive fuel economy caught the automobile market by surprise. The car went on to become one of the most popular hatchbacks in the market. The Ford Focus in Rochester NY is sold as a family car, as it offers enough space and comfort to be a good fit for an urban family. However, the handling balance, ride quality and drivetrain is so good that it puts most other vehicles in the same price range to shame. It is, essentially a hatchback or sedan for people who are looking for a fun driving experience.

Proven history of performance with a Used Ford Focus in Rochester NY

The present Ford Focus hatchbacks that are sold in the market are the third generation versions. However, the Focus was first introduced into the market in 1998. The sporty handling and usability of the vehicle quickly made it popular across many countries in Europe and the North American region. Every successive release saw upgrades to performance and new features, and it is presently among the best-selling cars in the price range.

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