How Do I Increase the Value of My Used Car for Sale?

Preparation Tips for Used Car Sale.

Looking to sell or trade-in a used car? Great! As you know we’re huge fans of people selling their pre-owned vehicles. If you’re looking to sell a used car, you’re probably looking to get the most value possible out of it.

After all, your used car has likely brought you literal weeks or months of joy over the time you’ve owned it. It means a lot to you, and now that you’re looking to find your next adventure partner, it’s important to get the most out of the outgoing one.

Here are some tips we’ve discovered will help you be able to get the highest dollar from your used vehicle:

  1. Find out how you want to sell – Although private sale offers the most likely value, you’re likely to lose time and effort trying to market and meet with potential buyers. Additionally, the longer your vehicle takes to sell, the lower the value. For more information on this decision, click here.
  2. Do some research – Once you’ve decided how you want to sell your vehicle, it’s important to figure out how much you want to ask for it. Research through a service like KBB to get an instant cash offer for your vehicle. If you’re selling privately, you will want to settle on a price that provides for some negotiation room. Selling to a dealer may limit the chance of negotiation, or haggling, but will also allow you to sell it faster.
  3. Talk up recent services – If you’ve recently had your brakes replaced, tires rotated or alternator swapped, talk it up! Buyers (especially on the private market) want the assurance of not having to sink more money into a used car.
  4. Clean it – While cleaning, and even detailing, your vehicle is unlikely to have a profound effect on value, it will increase the saleability of your car. This can be especially important for private sales where buyers are not entering the transaction with plans to clean and detail the cars themselves. You will want to think about ROI with this. A full detail can cost up to $300, and if you’re not planning on selling your car for much, may be unnecessary. Still, clean the outside at a car wash, vacuum the inside and scrub components under the hood.

At Auction Direct USA, we’re big on helping people get rid of pre-owned cars. We know that your car has served you well, and want you to get the most value possible for it. Our unique, hassle-free car sale process eliminates the need for haggling and provides you with a competitive, cash offer usually in 30 minutes.

For more information on selling your used car to Auction Direct USA, contact us today!