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toyota corolla raleigh ncWhen it comes to sleek, aerodynamically designed and fuel efficient sedans, nothing beats the Toyota Corolla Raleigh NC. The Japanese automobile manufacturer has become a household name all across North Carolina with its innovation. Combine highest efficiency levels with a sturdy road grip and fluid transmissions, and you get the Toyota Corolla.

Built for speed and strength, Toyota Corolla Raleigh NC makes your journey across the city of oaks a memorable joyride. Be it swirling across the busy and traffic-prone downtown area or travelling to Charlotte via I-40 W, this car is definitely worth every penny you invested in.

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Donning a sporty look with the comfort and luxury of a family sedan, Toyota Corolla is the perfect blend of American muscle, European luxury and Japanese efficiency. It has the perfect 60/40 split rear seats and piano-black accents in all LE, LE Eco and S models. 17-inch alloy wheels make up for the best road grip.

1.8-liter four-cylinder engine churns up 132 horsepower and up to 128 pound-feet of torque. This gives it a sufficiently large turning diameter to move around enclosed spaces. A valvematic design allows the valves to almost “float” when moving at high speeds. This reduces the drag and makes the throttle lightly. Electronic stability control comes into effect by expanding the torque by 2 extra pounds, making it particularly immune to skidding.

Toyota manufacturers have also been compliant with U.S. safety and crash-testing. Corolla receives excellent marks in all crash tests by the federal government. In city and highway fuel averages of 24mpg and 37mpg don’t disappoint either, especially when compared to the pricier Hyundai, Acura and BMW sedans.

Toyota Corolla S deviant is the most recommended choice for those who enjoy driving. It offers the best suspension tune that is buttoned-down and an electric steering that makes it easy to maneuver, even during a storm. Fog lights are an add-on you can’t afford to skip.

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