Vehicle Factors in a Used Car Search

By alyssa | Posted in Blog on Saturday, July 15th, 2017 at 5:50 AM

At Auction Direct USA, we’re here to get you the lowest possible market prices on used cars without the hassle. Our team of used car dealers will help you with everything from loans and trade-ins to vehicle searches, and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

One of the simplest areas we see people struggle with? A lack of basic knowledge about what they want in a preowned car. These simple expectations will set the baseline for your entire purchasing experience. Let’s look at a few important areas to consider.

Basic Performance

Before even visiting a dealership, read performance reviews of the types of cars you think you might be looking into. Certain makes and models may have tendencies within their design, and the rise of the internet within the industry makes it easier than ever to find out about these. Does a model you’re looking into frequently struggle with a particular engine problem? Find out in advance. In addition, once you’re at the dealership, test performance of individual vehicles through test drives.

Safety Features

Another smart bit of research will be on crash ratings and safety features for a potential vehicle. There are simple online resources to help with understanding what certain ratings or features are referring to, and what they might mean for you.


This ties in with performance to some degree. You want a dependable vehicle that won’t frequently be dealing with maintenance or repairs. There are also plenty of online resources available for checking this sort of thing.


Factors like the engine, tires and mechanical items might drive the value more directly, but you have to be comfortable in your vehicle. Inspect everything from seat material to the layout, and make sure all the interior features you want are present.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Remember that even after you spend money on your used vehicle, there will be standard maintenance and upkeep concerns. Budget for this, but also research the kinds of maintenance that are most common for your vehicle type.

Want to learn more about important used car factors, or any of our other services? The dealers at Auction Direct USA are standing by to assist you.

Avoiding Common Trade-In Mistakes

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Trading in a car is different from selling one in a few ways, and at Auction Direct USA, we handle both situations. Our trade-in specialists will help you with several details of the process, and our expert appraisers will generally take under half an hour to come back to you with an offer for your used car.

What are some of the mistakes people often make when trading in their car with a dealer? Let’s look at some of the key errors you can avoid during this process.

Not Knowing Value

You may not be able to narrow it down to the dollar, but you want a good idea of the basic value of your car before you head in for a trade-in. Use online tools like Kelley Blue Book or Edmund’s Trade-In True Market Value appraisal tool – many people even print the results and keep them with them for reference at the dealership. Appraisal values here are just averages for the area, so don’t expect them to be perfect, but they can give you a good idea of the range you need to be looking for in an offer.

Overestimating Worth

Many people become attached to their vehicles, and are naturally biased during a valuation process. Most owners tend to slightly overstate their car’s condition level – only 3 percent of cars on Kelley Blue Book fall under the “Excellent” condition category, but you’d hardly know that based only on owners’ assessments. Try to be as realistic and conservative as you can to fight this bias.

Too Many Repairs

Putting a bit of time and effort into repairs and cleanup is good before a trade-in, but investing in expensive fixes will often not be worth it – dealerships can often make these fixes for a much cheaper number than what you’d pay, and in these cases, you’re better off letting them do it. That doesn’t mean take no care, of course, but do research on the kinds of repairs that are smart to make.

Just One Offer

If possible, it’s always good to get more than one appraisal to see how much they vary. Offers may vary based on current inventory, re-sale ability and other factors.

Want to learn more about the right steps to take during a trade-in, finding the right used car value, or any of our other services? Speak to the specialists at Auction Direct USA today.

Keeping Credit Score High for Used Car Financing

By rarthur | Posted in car auction tips on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 at 6:41 PM

If you’re looking for a used car with a financing situation, credit score is going to be an important factor. Your credit score will go a long way to determining which kinds of financing situations you’ll be eligible for, and the used car values you can look into.

At Auction Direct USA, we have financing options available for folks with all levels of credit score. Those with higher scores, though, will typically have many more good options available. Here are some tips for keeping credit score high ahead of financing a used car.

20-10 Rule

Many financial advisors will recommend a very basic rule for credit, title the 20-10 rule: Never let credit card debt run higher than 20 percent of yearly post-tax income, and never use more than 10 percent of your individual monthly income to pay down credit card debt. Staying within these limits, or even tighter if possible, will keep certain debt rates that are vital to credit score from swinging too far in any particular direction.

No Late Payments

Late or missed bill payments are some of the simplest ways to lower your credit score – the vital credit bureaus track on-time payment rate, and dock you heavily if yours is too low. Online bill payment makes this a completely unacceptable outcome in today’s modern age; simply set automatic payments up for any areas you frequently forget.

Emergency Funds

If you can, try to keep at least 15 percent of your credit or more open at all times in case of emergencies. If you’re forced to max a card for an emergency or one-time event, this could heavily damage your credit score.

Easy Debt

Much of credit score has to do with how well you consistently use your credit, but then also pay it down in an acceptable time period. For this reason, a quick way to goose your score a little is to take on a bit of “easy” debt – debt you know you can pay easily, and may have otherwise not even put on your line of credit. Repaying this debt early and without missing any payments will help raise your credit.

Want to learn more about credit score and how it factors into your next used car purchase, or interested in our wide availability of used cars? Speak to the experts at Auction Direct USA today.

Important Factors in Certified Preowned Purchasing

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Within the used car world, certified preowned cars are the top of the heap. This program provides warranties and inspections you won’t find in non-certified vehicles, and the car dealers at Auction Direct USA can tell you about numerous other specific benefits as well.

Just because you’re considering certified preowned, however, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook in preparing research and the questions you’ll ask a dealer. Here are a few other tips we can offer on the proper factors to consider.

Same Value Research

Research resale values and other items in exactly the same manner you would research a non-certified used car. Pricing tools give average values that are determined by everything from condition to mileage and optional equipment. Treating this research exactly the same as a normal situation may give you some extra leeway in certain areas, and will certainly keep you from omitting any important details.

Manufacturer Certification

Make sure the car manufacturer is offering the certification, not just the dealer. This way, you know the car meets the stringent requirements of the manufacturer. It also means that if you’re ever in need of service, no matter where you are in the country, your manufacturer should have a location to help you.

Proper Checklists and Histories

Always ask to see in certification checklist to confirm all items, and insist on a specific repair and maintenance history for the vehicle. Make sure the remainder of the new-car warranty is clear and in writing. If you have any concerns in any of these areas, bring along a friend or third party with the knowledge to assist you.

Read the Fine Print

Make sure you check over your warranty with a fine-tooth comb. Some warranties might only cover the powertrain, and you may have to purchase separate coverage for bumper-to-bumper. Warranty lengths can also vary.

Age and Mileage Limits

Most people tend to hit their mileage limit before they reach their age limit, but this could vary based on how often you drive and other factors. Pay attention, and do this basic math before finalizing anything.

Test Drive

Most importantly, take the vehicle for a test drive. Just because a car is certified doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll love driving it, or approve of several other possible factors. Give it at least one spin to test how you feel in it.

Want to learn more about the vital factors in certified preowned cars, or any of our other services? Speak to the experts at Auction Direct USA today.

Why Certified Pre-Owned is the Way to Go

By rarthur | Posted in used cars on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 at 10:28 AM

There are many options available when searching for a used car, and one of the top choices out there for many people is a certified pre-owned vehicle (CPO). At Auction Direct USA, we offer an unmatched selection of certified pre-owned vehicles in the Jacksonville, FL, Raleigh, NC and Rochester, NY areas. We carry all the most popular brands, stocked at affordable prices.

Why should you be choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle as your next car? There are a few good reasons, actually.


Used cars must pass a relatively rigorous inspection process to get the title of certified pre-owned. Late-model cars are at an obvious advantage, as are cars with low mileage and clean vehicle history reports.

These qualities vary from automaker to automaker, but are pretty strict across the board. If a vehicle cannot pass any part of the inspection process, it simply can’t be certified as pre-owned. This keeps the market for certified pre-owned cars robust and active, and helps ensure you’re getting a quality car.


A dealer will often recondition the vehicle and replace certain parts as part of the inspection process, meaning you’re often getting a car that’s been professionally repaired by as reputable a mechanic as you’ll find. There are between 100 and 200 individual items on this checklist, depending on the vehicle make and model.

Extended Warranty

Many CPO programs, including Auction Direct USA, offer protective warrantees on all cars sold as certified pre-owned. There are times where the previous owner had warranty time left on the car, and this can usually be transferred to the new owner as part of the deal. CPO cars already come with a higher level of quality due to the pre-certification inspection, but this is just another layer of protection in case there are problems down the line.

Maintenance and Perks

It’s common for several maintenance items to be complimentary in CPO programs. Auction Direct USA offers numerous additional maintenance-related perks along with certified pre-owned cars.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Lockout Services
  • Free vehicle maintenance

Low-Interest Financing

CPO vehicles are generally more expensive than non-certified models – it only stands to reason given all the additional quality checks and perks that come along with them. But they also often qualify for lower finance rates, in some cases nearly identical to the rates offered on brand new cars. This can make borrowing money for a CPO car yet another area that’s more convenient than normal.

Want to learn more? Our Auction Direct USA experts are standing by.

Tips on the Trade-In Process

By rarthur | Posted in Car Trade-in on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 10:27 AM

At Auction Direct USA, we offer fair and affordable trade-ins for many of our preowned cars. A trade-in can be a fantastic way to get yourself credit toward your next upgrade, and in many cases can get you a better deal than selling independently.

Many people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to trading in a vehicle, though. Let’s walk through a few of the most important steps and themes to give you a general idea of a few things you’ll need to do.

Determine Value

The first step will be determining the value of your used car, which has several factors involved. These include general condition, accident history and any chips or paint issues with the car. A lesser-known area that’s also often included is timing and location – if you’re trading a no-top convertible in the middle of winter in Boston, for instance, you won’t get the same value in your trade as you would if you traded the same car in in the middle of summer in Los Angeles.

There are several online resources available to make this kind of information easy to access. Kelley Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealers Association are two of the most popular outlets here, and they’re both free.

Canvass Similar Products

To get a decent idea of what your car might or should be worth, you can take it around to a few dealers in your area and get comparison points. These types of activities don’t only increase the curb appeal of your car, but strengthen your potential negotiating position.

What Matters to Dealers

When looking for trade-in value, you have to think about what will be important to the dealer you’re trading with. The things that matter most to dealers include their current inventory and how your car adds to it, the model and age of the car, and the engine type. Their primary goal is this: How quickly can I recoup my money from this car? This makes popular car models easier to get high value from.

Ready to put your knowledge to use, or want to learn more? Speak to the car dealers at Auction Direct USA today.

Purchase a Vehicle with your Tax Refund

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Put your Tax Refund toward a New Vehicle!

You worked hard all year and paid your taxes. Now, Uncle Sam is sending you a tax refund. Put that money to good use and invest in a new-to-you vehicle from Auction Direct USA in Raleigh NC, Rochester NY or Jacksonville FL.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the average American tax refund is around $3,120. Yours, of course, may be different. Regardless, tax refund season is probably the only time of the year most Americans receive money aside from a paycheck. Financial experts often advise people to invest tax refund money. What a better investment than a new vehicle.

Perhaps your current vehicle has seen better mechanical or cosmetic days. Take a look at one of our many pre-owned vehicles.  Maybe you just want to upgrade to a more fuel-efficient car.  Auction Direct USA has many used vehicles like the Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, Hyundai Elantra or Ford Fiesta at a price you can afford! If these models don’t pique your interest or you’re looking for a more powerful vehicle, we have many more to choose from.

Have you been driving a small or midsize truck while dreaming of a full-size? Now is the time to consider a Ram 1500, Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado. Auction Direct USA also has full-size trucks from other manufacturers, many of which are only a model year or two in age.

Few people get enough money from a tax refund to pay the full price of a car. Auction Direct USA makes financing easy, so you can use your refund for a down payment. We offer a no-hassle sales environment and post prices and detailed information about all vehicles on our website.

Use your tax refund wisely this year by investing in a pre-owned vehicle from Auction Direct USA in Raleigh NC, Rochester NY or Jacksonville FL.

Car Loan Mistakes to Avoid

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There are a number of steps in the used car process, and at Auction Direct USA, we’ll keep you prepared for all of them. In particular, there are a few pitfalls you want to avoid falling into when searching for a preowned car from a car dealer.

Some of these pitfalls relate to normal mistakes you’re incentivized to make, where others are mistakes made even before the trade-in process begins. Let’s look at a few of these, and how to stay away from them.

Lack of Knowledge

There are several areas you have to have at least a basic knowledge on during this process, all of which our staff can easily explain to you. A few of the most common:

  • Credit score: Knowing your credit score in advance – and improving it if it’s too low for your desired purchase – is vital. If you don’t know this score, you’re at the mercy of the dealer when establishing your interest rate and other loan terms. Learning credit score is easy, and free once a year online.
  • Loan term length: Someone may try to sell you on a longer term loan, which will seem profitable due to lower monthly payments. But in reality, you’ll end up paying more on the life of the loan for the same loan amount, due to all the extra interest you’ll pay. If you have the finances to manage a slightly larger payment each month, go for the shorter term.
  • Early payoff: Paying down a loan early is a great way to reduce interest payments, but some lenders require a fee for an early payoff. Make sure you know if this is the case in advance.
  • Interest rate: Ask about APR (annual percentage rate) and other details of your interest rate. Some lenders will prey on borrowers who haven’t done their homework here.

Too Many Add-Ons

It’s a dealer’s job to offer you all sorts of add-ons during the process – everything from warranties to insurance. These will often be rolled into financing, so they’ll seem like less significant expenses. There are times these can be worth it, but watch out for accumulating too many incentives or add-ons that might drive up your price on the back end.


The trade-in and purchase process can be long and arduous, but you have to prepare yourself for this. Bring snacks and water if you’re worried about getting hungry or thirsty, and don’t make significant plans anytime directly after your car search. Rushing out the door in the final stages is a bad idea – these are the most vital stages, where details and paperwork are finalized.

Want to learn more about common used car mistakes, or interested in any of our other car dealer services? We’re standing by at Auction Direct

Keeping Car Trade-In Value High

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There are a number of things to be aware of when speaking to a car dealer like Auction Direct USA about trading in a used car, and the most important factor will always remain value. How much your car is worth is the name of the game during a trade-in situation, and we’ll offer you fair and speedy appraisals to help you get proper value for your trade-in.

Leading up to the day when you come see us, though, what can you do to help boost your trade-in value? Let’s look at a few basic tips.


Keeping everything in working order is the first place to start. You’ll often get dinged more in your appraisal for a damaged area than you would have cost yourself or a mechanic to simply repair the issue before you brought the car in to trade, and a well-running vehicle is more impressive during negotiations.

In particular, focus on appearance – and keep receipts. Being able to prove what work you’ve done could be vital.


As you walk in for your appraisal, be completely prepared. Know exactly what your car’s value should be, and what you’re prepared to accept in a counteroffer. Be realistic but also firm in these assessments, and don’t allow lack of knowledge to allow you to be pushed around.

Separate Transactions

Even if you’re trading in for a new vehicle on the spot, be sure to keep the two transactions separate. This helps with basic details, and stops the potential for misunderstandings. Many trade-in deals involve manipulation of certain variables involved in the upcoming transaction for your new vehicle – if you aren’t paying attention, these perks might not even out on both sides of the equation, and could put you in the red. Keeping the two separate avoids this possibility.

Dealer’s Angle

As you walk in the door, remember that once you’ve traded your car in to the dealer, the dealer still has to sell it to someone else. Try to view this from their perspective – how does it look, how does it drive, and how quickly will they be able to sell it? Are you trading a make or model that’s incredibly popular on the market right now, or something a bit less popular? Is the car newer or older (older doesn’t necessarily mean worse – there are certain situations where brand-new trade-ins are actually bad deals for dealers due to manufacturer incentives)?

Want to learn more? Auction Direct USA is a premier used car dealership in Rochester, Jacksonville and Raleigh, and we’ve helped countless people trade or sell used cars. We’re standing by to assist you today.

Buy a Pickup Truck

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Buy a Pickup Truck Today!

Why buy a pickup truck…Owning a home might be widely considered the American dream. When it comes to owning a vehicle, however, nothing seems more American than driving a truck. Sales numbers show that Americans love their trucks. From January to August 2016, the Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, Ram pickups and GMC Sierra combined for more than 1.3 million units sold – and that is just the top four trucks.

Sure, arguments could be made that trucks retain their value well and are known for being durable. There are other reasons, though, why you should consider putting a pickup in your garage.

Buying a Pickup Truck

POWER: Nothing is more American than a powerful vehicle. Some people might need a fuel-efficient subcompact for long commutes. Others, though, want a powerful vehicle, and modern trucks deliver. The most powerful trucks of 2015 delivered 360-440 horsepower. You won’t save a fortune at the gas station, but you will be able to head off-road and haul a big load. For many, that is just fun – hitch up the camper-trailer and head out to a national park. For others, it’s a necessity – hauling equipment for work, navigating tough worksites and more. Either way, you should seriously consider a Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado or any number of other pickup trucks from Auction Direct USA in Jacksonville FL, Rochester NY or Raleigh NC.
CARGO ROOM: Need to haul stuff? Throw it in the back of the truck. Whether you need to haul off a few limbs from the yard or you carry equipment for a living on a daily basis, your trusty pickup is a life-saver. You don’t have to remove or fold down seats to make room for your cargo.
LUXURY: What, luxury? With modern trucks, yes. It used to be that a truck was a work vehicle. When you bought a truck, you got a bench seat, a basic sound system and – well, that’s about it. Those days are long gone. Today’s trucks come with (heated) leather seats, touch-screen infotainment systems, amazing stereos, push-button all-wheel drive, impressive safety features and much more. Purchase a used truck from the past couple of years, and it’s like getting a luxury car on bigger tires.
TRUCKS ARE USEFUL AND FUN: Moving is an inevitable part of life. A truck makes moving yourself or helping someone else move much easier. And if you decide to tackle a home-improvement project or some yard work, a truck will be your best friend. After the work is over, it’s time to play. Take the same truck for an off-road adventure. With modern pickup trucks, you’ll be heading into the great wide open in style – surrounded by luxury with lots of room.

Find a used pickup truck to fit your lifestyle at Auction Direct USA!

You will find the pickup truck you want and need at Auction Direct USA in Raleigh NC, Jacksonville FL and Rochester NY. Not only will you find the best price on a used pickup truck, but you also will get the best price for your trade-in.