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Start Off the New Decade in a High-Quality Pre-Owned Vehicle from Auction Direct USA!

High-Quality Used Vehicles for Sale in Raleigh, NC and Rochester, NY in 2020

Happy New Year, car shoppers! Many of us have set resolutions or goals for ourselves for the new year and even the new decade. While many folks resolve to losing a few pounds, others decide to take hold of the horns and do something big with their life – such as taking that road trip they have always dreamed of. Whether your 2020 has a big road trip or a new job with a commute, it helps to have a dependable vehicle. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Where are Auction Direct USA’s Locations?

High-Quality Used Cars in Rochester, NY and Raleigh, NC

Are you looking for a used vehicle that is of the highest quality and at a great price? Shopping for a used vehicle can be challenging – especially if you are limiting yourself to Craigslist. Luckily, our dealership has two locations for you to shop from so you can find the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget! Read the rest of this entry >>

Auction Direct USA’s Three Locations Give You The Car You’ve Been Dreaming About

Does the used car you currently own get you around with perfect functionality, but do you still feel like something is missing? Maybe you imagine yourself driving a different model used car, or you may be envisioning a used car with a newer year. The car you’ve always wanted could include any number of exciting and practical features, from a sun roof to a GPS system, even automatic seat warmers. The car you currently own may get you from place to place, but does it fulfill your every want and need in a vehicle?

With Auction Direct USA, the used car of your dreams is much more accessible than you ever thought possible. Our four locations in  Rochester, New York, Jacksonville, Florida, and Raleigh North Carolina will gladly assist you in trading and selling your used car so you can be one step closer to having the used car you’ve always wanted! After a careful and fair evaluation of your present vehicle, each of our locations will give you cash for your car immediately. Forget the time, frustration and hassle of trading in your car—Auction Direct USA makes it quick and painless!

Here is a quick guide for how to sell your used car to Auction Direct USA for each of our locations! For more information, explore our website or pay us a visit—we are more than happy to help you through this process!

Auction Direct, Rochester,NY-Have you been trying to sell your car in the Rochester, NY area without success? Give us a call—we’ll happily appraise your car and give you a written offer. We are always in the market to purchase used cars.

Auction Direct, Raleigh, NC-Let Auction Direct USA help and give you the best car buying, selling, and trading experience in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. We’ll buy your car for the best possible price, and a selection full of outstanding used vehicles is waiting for you! We guarantee you’ll drive off our lot happy!

Auction Direct, Jacksonville, FL-Our Jacksonville, FL location is able to quickly give you an estimated value of your current car, and help you find the car of your dreams in our wide and versatile selection!

Our  locations in  Rochester, Jacksonville, and Raleigh will gladly assist you in being one step closer to having the used car you’ve always wanted!