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Side View of the 2023 Toyota RAV4 off-roading

Where can I buy used all-wheel-drive vehicles near Raleigh, NC?

Purchase All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles in Raleigh, NC

We have good news for you if you’re planning to upgrade to a used all-wheel-drive vehicle. At Auction Direct USA, we have an extensive collection of the popular all-wheel-drive vehicles in the market. Read this blog to explore some of the advantages of purchasing a used all-wheel-drive vehicle at Auction Direct USA in Raleigh, NC.

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Water droplets on a car windshield.

Watch the Video On Using the Front and Rear Wipers in Ford Vehicles

How To Function the Front and Rear Wipers in Ford Vehicles?

Ford vehicles have many manual settings that can sometimes be challenging to execute. Not knowing how to initiate a function properly will cause us to compromise on quite a few features because Ford models always come with advanced technology. In Ford’s How-to series, we see that they are helping customers to understand how to set up different functions in their Ford vehicles. At Auction Direct USA in Raleigh, NC, and Victor, NY, we have the manufacturer’s video explaining how to use your Ford vehicle’s front and rear wipers. Read on to find out more.

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Ford Built Wild™ Bronco® SUV

Watch this Walkaround Video showcasing the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport SUV 

Walkaround Video: 2022 Ford Bronco Sport SUV 

If you like camping, the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport is a great choice for you. With the available 249 horsepower and 277 lb.-ft of torque, available 8.8-inch ground clearance and the ability to switch terrain modes on the fly, the Ford Bronco Sport makes it easy for you to reach your favorite camping spots. Watch the walkaround video: 2022 Ford Bronco Sport SUV by Auction Direct USA. Know how it feels to drive the new Bronco Sport by scheduling a test drive with us in Raleigh, NC! 

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2021 Ford Expedition black edition

Which Trim Level of the 2021 Ford Expedition Is Best for Me?

2021 Ford Expedition Trim Levels  

The Ford Expedition remains a popular large SUV, but what can we expect from the Ford Expedition variants in 2021? We’ll look at the price, model levels, performance, features, and safety of the Ford Expedition SUV. Which trim level of the 2021 Ford Expedition is best for me? Read this 2021 Ford Expedition trim levels comparison by Auction Direct USA. Then check out our available Expedition inventory here in Raleigh, NC!  

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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning on the road

Let’s Find Out the Towing Capacity of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Towing Capacity of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning  

Leading the truck arena for decades, the 2022 model Ford F-150 Lightning is a smart and innovative truck in its genre. The vehicle’s standout feature is its towing capacity, which is supported by a wide array of extra towing features to help haul heavy loads easily. Let’s understand the towing capacity this impressive truck can pull off, as detailed in this blog post by the Auction Direct USA dealership team.

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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality

What is the Ford F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality?

Ford F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality  

What is augmented reality for the Ford F-150 Lightning™? The F-150 Lightning™ is a futuristic truck, and you can now have it in the palm of your hand. Ford is launching the “F-150 Lightning™: Strike Anywhere” visual experience in conjunction with Google. This is for enthusiasts and buyers who want to learn about the benefits of an all-electric built Ford Tough truck. Learn all about the F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality experience here by Auction Direct USA.  

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Where Do I Buy Used Ford F-150 Trucks in Rochester, NY?

Purchase Pre-Owned Ford F-150 in Rochester and Victor, NY

Are you in need of a used truck that is strong and powerful to assist you with your work involving the use of massive strength? Do you want to use the same truck as a mode of regular transport as well? Yes, there surely is a brand that makes such all-around trucks. You should check out the Ford F-150 pickup trucks. 

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BlueCruise Ford gauge display

What is the BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving feature in my Ford?

All-new Semi-autonomous Driving Feature for Ford Vehicles

Here at Auction Direct USA, we deal with cars both new and old. One of our favorite things about getting our hands on newer models is all the cool advancements in technology. An advancement we’re looking forward to is BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving from Ford.

What is the BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving feature on new Ford vehicles? Let us show you.

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