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Visit Our Service Departments at Auction Direct USA

At Auction Direct USA, we understand that an automobile is one of the biggest personal investments an individual can make. That’s why we take exceptional care of you and your vehicle every step of the way. While all of our vehicles receive a thorough inspection before making it onto our lot, we also ensure that your used car remains in the best of hands after you drive home!

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Auction Direct USA’s Three Locations Give You The Car You’ve Been Dreaming About

Does the used car you currently own get you around with perfect functionality, but do you still feel like something is missing? Maybe you imagine yourself driving a different model used car, or you may be envisioning a used car with a newer year. The car you’ve always wanted could include any number of exciting and practical features, from a sunroof to a GPS system, even automatic seat warmers. The car you currently own may get you from place to place, but does it fulfill your every want and need in a vehicle?

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Unbeatable Financing at Auction Direct USA

Have you been looking for a dealership that can help you get the car loan you deserve? Here at Auction Direct USA we take pride in providing our customers with the car loans they deserve. Gone are the days where financial or credit issues prevent you from owning the car of your dreams.  With Auction Direct USA, you can get approved for a car loan in a matter of seconds!

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Common Questions Asked When Buying a Used Car

You’re finally ready to take the plunge—today is the day when you are going to Auction Direct USA to buy the used car you’ve been wanting and needing so badly. All of us at Auction Direct USA know what a big step this is and what a huge decision picking out the perfect car for you is. That’s why we want to do everything we can to make sure that you ask the proper questions before your visit to our lot and are as prepared as possible to make the best possible selection.

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