Car driving in snow

3 Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Pipes from Freezing

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing with 3 Easy Tips

The weather is turning colder and colder, and with this cold snap, several people might have found themselves panicking when their pipes froze and burst. It’s a costly issue and one that can lead to a lot of heartache and headaches. That said, how can you prevent this from happening to your home? Click below to see three great tips!

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Wine and roses together

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home in Rochester NY 2021

2021 Valentine’s Day Celebrations in Rochester NY

If you’re living in Rochester, NY, and are looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day from home, we’ve got a few ideas! With COVID-19 still well underway, it can be hard to find a place to bring your significant other this year. Continue reading below to see three recommendations we have for you!

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2021 Ford F-150 parked outside side view

How to Connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to a Ford F-150

Connecting Ford F-150 to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The Ford F-150 is smarter than ever before, offering refined connectivity, infotainment, and entertainment in abundance. This model delivers a ton of benefits across the board, including several available smartphone integration systems. This includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, features that give a ton of benefits. Continue reading to find out more!

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2021 Toyota Sienna parked front view

All-New Toyota Sienna – Behind the Scenes Engineering!

Toyota Sienna – Engineering and Behind the Scenes

If you’re a driver that’s looking for a ton of great benefits and features on the market today, the Toyota Sienna is it! This model has a variety of great benefits for any passenger model, including interior and safety technologies. What are some of these great systems? What does this model offer? Check it out below!

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2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee driving on sand

“A New Chapter” Commercial from Jeep Explored!

Jeep Grand Cherokee L Showcased in “A New Chapter” Commercial!

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a model that delivers a ton of benefits, letting you enjoy power, safety, and entertainment in abundance. This model takes on the world, giving you a wide range of features and systems. What are these features, you ask? Well, they were showcased in a recent commercial! Click below to see some features, watch the commercial, and more!

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2021 Ford Bronco Sport in water

Ford’s “Raised By Goats” Bronco Sport Advertisement Explored!

Ford Bronco Sport Advertisement and Video Explored!

The Ford Bronco Sport is a new and exceptional model from Ford, allowing you to tackle the road and the trial without pause! Ford advertises this with a video that showcases just how amazing its off-road capabilities are. What are some of the benefits of this model, you ask? Continue reading below to see the advertisement and some of its features!

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