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How Do I Help My Kid Overcome Their Reluctance to Drive?

Tips for Turning Your Kid into a Confident Driver 

We were reading the Dear Abby column this morning and a mother wrote a letter about how her 20-year-old daughter refuses to get a driver’s license and is sick of chauffeuring her around. Honestly, we thought that Abby kind of missed the mark in her advice because she said the daughter was smart and didn’t have to deal with car payments or insurance premiums, and just plainly suggested that the daughter get a bicycle or take the driving test again. We wanted to take a different spin on this and suggest some ways to encourage your kid to become more comfortable behind the wheel. 

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Watch These Brilliant Women Leave Their Mark on Honda Vehicles!

Video Featuring Honda’s Woman Engineers

In recent decades, women have really taken a hold of STEM-related areas of study and have significantly contributed to these industries. One area of engineering that women are taking an interest in is designing and building cars. Recently, Honda shared this video showcasing its lady engineers and we thought that you would enjoy watching it: Read the rest of this entry >>

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Garage When Building or Buying a Home

Tips for Finding or Building the Perfect Home Garage

Are you shopping for a new home or plan to build one from scratch in the Raleigh, NC or Rochester, NY area? When shopping or building a home, it seems like most folks put more thought into the kitchen and how they MUST have granite countertops or NEED to have two living rooms. But there is one area of the home that often gets overlooked that really shouldn’t – and that is the garage! Your home’s garage is just as important as the kitchen because it protects your vehicles from the elements. This means that your vehicle will look nicer and offer optimal performance for a longer period of time. Before you write that check to the realtor or home builder, read these tips on what to look for in your new home’s garage! Read the rest of this entry >>

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Where are Some of the Best Spring Break Destinations in New York State?

Where to Go for Spring Break 2020 in New York State

Right now, we are in the middle of spring break season. When we talk to other folks about their spring break destination, we typically hear about Mexico and Florida. But did you know that the state of New York is a great place for spring break? Whether you are traveling a long way to the Empire State or are doing a stay-cation close to home, there is something for you to enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>

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See the Latest From Toyota at the Recent Chicago Auto Show!

Video Featuring the Latest from Toyota at the Chicago Auto Show

Here at Auction Direct USA, one of our favorite brands is Toyota and we regularly have a multitude of options available at our Raleigh, NC and Rochester, NY store locations. While we love used Toyota vehicles, we also enjoy finding out what the brand is up to in terms of brand-new vehicles or upcoming changes to favorite models. This is because we will eventually have these vehicles available for you and we want to make sure that we are ready to answer all of your questions that you may have. It’s no secret that Toyota is one of the most innovative auto brands on the market, and they brought their A-game to the recent Chicago Auto Show. Check out the video below to get a closer look!

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Audi A6

What are the Top Reasons to Buy a Used Luxury Vehicle from Auction Direct USA?

Used Luxury Cars for Sale in Raleigh, NC and Rochester, NY

Are you looking to treat yourself to a special status symbol in 2020? Are you hoping to impress everyone at your high school class reunion or family get-together this year? Then a luxury car is just what you need! The only problem is, a brand-new luxury car is ridiculously expensive! Read the rest of this entry >>