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2021 Chevrolet Colorado on road

Where Can I Find a Pre-Owned Truck Under $40,000 in Raleigh, NC, and Rochester, NY?

Used Truck Under $40,000 Near Me in Raleigh, NC, and Rochester, NY

Buying a used truck is a practical decision that offers financial savings, a wide range of choices, and often comparable reliability to a new vehicle. However, before purchasing, it’s crucial to be armed with enough knowledge. This gives you the confidence that you’re investing in the right vehicle. Please scroll down to learn about the benefits of purchasing a used truck. Also, interested individuals can check out our used truck inventory under $40,000 and car financing options at Auction Direct USA, our dealership in Raleigh, North Carolina.  

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2022 Nissan Frontier on a grassland

Watch the Walkaround Revealing the 2022 Nissan Frontier  

Overview of the 2022 Nissan Frontier Pickup Truck 

Explore and discover interesting facts and features of the all-new 2022 Nissan Frontier in this walkaround video. The video showcases key features of the Frontier, including the smart bed innovations like the tailgate lift assist and tie-down system. Additionally, you will see a closer look into the modern interior with all the latest tech and smartphone connectivity you need. This powerful pickup truck produces a staggering 310 horsepower with 4×4 off-road capability and advanced safety technology that ensure you have the best off-roading experience. Watch this walkaround video of the Nissan Frontier by Auction Direct USA. Also, don’t forget to schedule a test drive of the vehicle in Raleigh, NC, to know how it feels behind the wheels.   

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Front profile of a black Toyota Tundra

Why Should I Buy a Used Pickup Truck from Auction Direct USA?

Benefits of Buying a Used Pickup Truck from Our Dealership 

If you need a pickup truck, you may be wondering if you should buy a brand-new model or if you should go with a used one at a reputable dealership. Here at Auction Direct USA, we specialize in high-quality used vehicles and pickup trucks are regularly available at our store location in Raleigh, NC, and Rochester, NY. So what are the benefits of purchasing a used pickup truck from us? Keep reading and find out! 

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Red Ford Super Duty Truck

See How the Ford Super Duty Helps Build America

2020 Ford F-Series: What We Build Video 

Since it’s start more than a century ago, Ford has been changing the way we have built America. From laying down smooth blacktop to building skyscrapers and bridges, Ford and its trucks have been there to help. This would not have been possible without the powerful engines and the spacious truck beds in Ford’s F-Series line. To help you get a closer look at the Super Duty line of Ford trucks, check out the video below. 

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Horses under a blue sky

Find Out How a RAM Truck Helps a Ranch!

Martin Ranch Performance Horses with the RAM 3500

There is just something so beautiful and moving about ranch living. Maybe it is a connection with the land and animals, or perhaps a respect for a history and tradition that is more than a century old. Ranches are still scattered around the United States and they are still working hard to raise livestock like beef cattle and horses. Let’s visit the Martin Ranch, which has been in business for a very long time. Even with the time-honored tradition of raising horses, the ranch uses modern equipment – including the RAM 3500! Find out how the RAM 3500 helps the Martin Ranch by watching this video! Read the rest of this entry >>

Line of new tires

Learn How to Change the Tire on Your Pickup Truck!

Ford F-150 Truck Life: How to Change a Tire Video

Many of us have experienced a flat tire while we are cruising down the road. Unfortunately, more and more drivers do not know how to change a flat tire on a vehicle. We are blaming that on more schools no longer providing automotive or life skills classes. Luckily, you can still learn how to change your tire with the help of this video from Ford and the brand’s F-150 pickup truck. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>

a red pickup truck in front of trees in snow

Ready to Go Hunting? Shop for a High-Quality Used Pickup Truck at Auction Direct USA!

Used Trucks for Hunting

The fall season is now here, and while many folks are excited about pumpkin spice lattes, we are more excited about getting into the woods and hunting for that trophy deer, bear, or wild hog. We certainly rely on our instincts to find that animal, but it helps when we have an awesome pickup truck to get us deep into the woods and to bring the animal home.

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Red Ford F-150 Pickup Truck towing a boat

Get Some Helpful Tips on How to Secure Your Load in Your Truck!

Ford F-150 Truck Life: How to Secure Payload Video

Here at Auction Direct USA, some of our best-selling used vehicles are pickup trucks. Drivers love these machines because they can tow heavy loads and haul plenty of cargo in their boxes. When it comes to hauling tools, toys, and other items, it is imperative that everything is securely fastened so that it does not go flying (and risk the safety of other drivers). Ford recently shared this video on how to secure your payload so that you know exactly what to do! Read the rest of this entry >>

people by a blue Ford truck in hazy lighting

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing in a Used Truck from Auction Direct USA!

Used Trucks for Skygazing Available in Rochester, NY, and Raleigh, NC

Here at Auction Direct USA, one of our favorite summertime activities is going outside and looking up at the nighttime sky. We always love picking out the constellations, making a wish on a shooting star, and keeping our eyes open for a UFO. But the one thing that we really look forward to doing is celebrating the 50th anniversary of man’s landing next week. Some of us old-timers still remember sitting in our parents’ living room and watching Neil Armstrong step off Apollo 11 and saying, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

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Red Ford F-150 Pickup Truck towing a boat

Celebrate Ford’s Century of Pickup Trucks by Watching This Video!

100 Years of Ford Trucks in 30 Seconds Video

Here at Auction Direct USA, one of our most popular brands is Ford. While Ford offers several beloved vehicles like the iconic Mustang and the capable Explorer, the F-Series pickup trucks are by far the top sellers. Ford has been making pickup trucks since 1917, so for more than 100 years, Americans have been able to work hard and play harder. We were scouring around on YouTube the other day and stumbled upon this video that Ford created a couple of years ago that showcased the evolution of its truck models. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>