Top 5 Used Car Buying Tips

Used Car Buying? Top 5 Five Things to do First

 Buying a used car may be seen as a very difficult way to find a good deal. The initial price of the vehicle combined with the costs of maintenance, repair and usage means that you have a lot to lose if you purchase a bad deal. The following used car buying tips will point out the top five things that you need to do before you make your payment:

 1.  Research- True market value

 The most important tip when it comes to buying used cars is to do your research about the cars in the market. Log on to online inventories and read the details of the car models that you are interested in

2.  Consider financing

 When you are purchasing from a dealership, there will be certain fees that you will need to pay above the base price of the vehicle. If you are in need of a good vehicle, you may have to consider going in for a loan with a bank to help pay for the vehicle. Dealerships may also offer a trade-in for your old car.

3.   Check if the car is covered under warranty

 Used cars that are more than four years old are generally not covered by any warranty, so you may choose to purchase an extended warranty. Make sure you check which parts are covered under the warranty.

4.  Build a checklist for the test-drive

 Before you test drive a vehicle, make a check-list according to your needs and preferences so that you are sure that the car fits perfectly with it. Try to simulate the conditions that you would be driving the vehicle in, the time of the day and amount of traffic, for instance, can help you get a better feel of the vehicle.

5.  Inspect the vehicle thoroughly

 Although an inspection by a trustworthy mechanic will cost you money, you will be thankful when the mechanic identifies some problems with a car you were thinking about buying.

In the end, make the process of buying a vehicle a slow and deliberate process and check from various sources about the reliability and resale value of the car before you make an investment. If done properly, you should be able to purchase the right car for your needs.

Used Car Depreciation

Used Car Depreciation – Is Your Vehicle Holding its Value?

 Consider that you are now a proud owner of a brand new vehicle for which you have spent a large amount of money. How much would it be worth in a year? Even if you do maintain it well, take it for regular repairs and keep it in great condition, the value of your car would reduce considerably as time goes by. This effect is called depreciation, and according to a research conducted by CAP Automotive; you may end up paying almost three times as much as your fuel expenditure for the depreciation in the value of your car.

Used car depreciation contributing factors

 The value of each car reduces at different rates, but it is typically observed to be between 15 and 35 percent in the first year after purchase and can cross 50% in three years. To check if your vehicle is holding its value, you need to know what contributes to the increase in its rate of depreciation. The following factors contribute to your car’s faster depreciation:

  • A number of owners: The more the number of users of a single car, the higher its rate of depreciation. The number of previous owners can be checked on the V5C registration.
  • Service history: The more the number of services you complete, the higher will be the selling value of your car.
  • General Condition: Any damages to the bodywork or the interior parts of your car will reduce the selling value.
  • Mileage: The more you use the car, the lesser will be its selling value. Check the number of miles that your car has run.
  • Fuel Economy: The more miles your car can run per gallon of fuel, the higher would be its value in the market.
  • Size: Larger, more luxurious cars cost more money to run and maintain, which is why they depreciate faster than smaller cars.
  • Desirability: Some models of cars are re-released with improvements in technology, exterior design, and some additions. The more recent the model, the slower your car will depreciate.

How do you minimize depreciation?

 The knowledge of all the contributing factors is sometimes not enough to reduce the depreciation of your vehicle. There is no substitute for market research, where you can get an accurate idea about the value of your car. By keeping in touch with current events, you will know when your vehicle’s replacement model arrives, and you will also realize that popular colors sell at a higher price. With some knowledge and eye for an opportunity, you will be able to get the best value for your car.

Let Auction Direct USA help you in choosing just the right used car for you and your family with your budget in mind.  Whether you’re looking for used cars in Raleigh NC, Jacksonville FL, or Rochester NY, we have many used cars to choose from!  Visit our used car dealership near you today!

Fall 2015 Used Cars

Fall 2015 Used Cars  to Buy

2014 proved to be an amazing year for the automobile industry from every point of view. We saw record sales, amazing inventions, greener cars, and more cost-effective models with high value for the money. All that means one thing, 2015 is going to be an even better year for used car buyers.

All those jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring models you couldn’t quite afford last year are now available at unbelievable rates. All the major brands you love have their own seasonal deals to lure you in for a purchase. The long list of choice, however, can get a bit overwhelming if you haven’t already set your eyes on a particular vehicle. And that is why we are narrowing your choices down to three of the best bets you have.

Let’s pump it with our favorites.

Hyundai Sonata

With new grille and more options, the Sonata got a makeover for 2014. However, the care remained the same in terms of performance. It comes as no surprise as it already is offering great performance for the price. So, basically there’s nothing to complain about. In fact, with this dream car, you can also bag a financing deal of 1.9% for 60 months.

Chrysler 200

For anyone looking a sedan that doesn’t look or feel boring, Chrysler 200 is a must-see. 2014 can actually be called a true comeback year for Chrysler as its Sebring incarnation in 2011 till 2013 failed to impress much. Last year, it took a different route in terms of aesthetic and performance, and it all turned out great. You can also find a convertible version of the car at an unbelievable price.

Ford F-150

There can’t be a used car on budget list without the mention of Ford 150. It is definitely one of the most economical pickup truck trusted by millions around the world. Last year’s model brings better handling, more power, and exceptional style to the table along with a lineup of engine and enhancement options. The company itself offers amazing deals on CPO models.

When buying used cars, make sure you are compare performances and prices properly to ensure the best value.

True Market Value of Used Cars

True Market Value of Used Cars at Auction Direct USA

True market value of used cars, True Market Value (or TMV) is one of the most efficient pricing tool that gives all potential car buyers a chance to score a good deal when buying a used vehicle. The TMV figure is based upon actual sales data and market forecast and offers a guide as to what other buyers in your area paid for a vehicle of the same model and make.

Knowledge of TMV is essential in helping buyers negotiate the price of a new car. It also comes in handy when calculating the trade-in value for a used vehicle. Additionally, all private-party buyers can easily use the True Market Value of Used Cars to set the price for their used cars.

True Market Value of Used Cars Buyer Benefits

Whether you’re buying a used vehicle from a private party or a dealership, it is important that you know a car’s cash value. This value depends upon multiple factors such as a vehicle’s age, condition, mileage, any optional equipment offered, the region in which it is sold, the trim level and several other factors.

Retail price is the price a dealership charges when selling a used car. It is considerably higher than the average market price as it often includes the dealership’s margin. In contrast, wholesale price or trade-in value is the price charged by private dealerships which is almost at par with the true value of the used car.

Whether you’re buying a used car from a dealership or a private party, determining the true value of the used car is critical. It allows you to determine the profit margin of the respective seller and helps you set limits for your purchasing power (e.g. if a seller is offering a used car at TMV + 20%, you can check out other sellers).

In some cases, used cars go to wholesale auctions. In such circumstances, the auction price is set as the purchase price for the vehicle. If you’re a dealer or a broker looking to buy cars for resale purposes, it is necessary for you to calculate the true value of the used car.

This helps you keep track of the value-addition, in the price of the vehicle, as it passes from one dealer or broker to another, till it reaches the eventual buyer. It also helps you in setting your own profit margin.

Car Appraisal

True Market Value of a Used Car is also an important appraisal tool. Most of the car dealerships, such as Auction Direct USA, offer an online calculator for determining the price of a used vehicle. Simply enter the car’s model and make, year, mileage and conditions, and the calculator gives you a figure as to its worth.

The same value also comes in handy when setting up a lease plan for the used car. The monthly lease payments are based upon the sales value of the car. The lower the true market value of used cars, the lower the monthly payments required. It’s easier for you to calculate the estimated lease payments and determine the best option for you, this way.

To learn more about the True Market Value of Used Cars and how they can benefit you, please feel free to contact us!

Cars that last over 200k miles

Cars That Will Almost Certainly Last Over 200k Miles

Look no further than Auction Direct USA for used cars that last over 200k miles!  Vehicles have come a long way from being pushed around by solid-hoofed mammals we call horses. Thanks to technology, the cars of today have some amazing features like fuel injection, keyless entry and truck nuts. But, even with all of this innovation and wizardry, you can’t really tell if a car or truck is up for the long haul. Keeping that in mind, the following are some vehicles that have a much better chance of passing the 200k miles mark.

Ford Super Duty
Base MSRP price range: $47,734 – $50,655
The Ford Super Duty is the proud member of the insanely popular F-Series of trucks by Ford. This beast of a vehicle is big, powerful, and according to the data, reliable enough to get you way past the 200k miles mark with ease.

Toyota Corolla
Base MSRP price range: $16,950 – $22,955
The Toyota Corolla has the honor of having one of the longest running nameplates in the business. The compact dimensions and great fuel economy of the Corolla make it a great choice for reaching and surpassing the 200k miles mark.

Chevy Suburban
Base MSRP price range: $52690 – MSRP $55400
The suburban has got to be the largest SUV on the road right now. It also happens to be the longest lasting vehicle, with around 4% of all listed Chevy Suburbans still being in a drivable condition even after crossing the 200k miles mark.

Honda Accord
Base MSRP price range: $22,105 – $35,055
With the Honda Accord, you will get a reliable and smooth power-train, along with an efficient fuel economy, making it another good choice for those who look forward to keeping their cars for a long time.

Ending Note
Although reaching the 200k miles mark with a car is easy, if you are alright with throwing money on it. If not, then the aforementioned vehicles are your best bet to getting there on a budget.  Cars that last over 200k miles are just as dependable as when they were first purchased.

Car Trade In

Auction Direct USA Offers the Best Value for Your Car Trade In

At Auction Direct USA, our goal is to make the purchase of your next Certified Pre Owned vehicle as easy as possible – and the same holds true when you’re trading in a used vehicle to make your next purchase.

Not only does a car trade in generate value towards the cost of your next vehicle, remember that it also reduces the amount of time you have to invest in selling it yourself.

If you’re considering a car trade in now, your timing is just right.  According to AAA Auto Club, used vehicle sales are gaining in popularity among the car-buying public.

It’s well known that the single most expensive cost of owning a vehicle is depreciation.  AAA estimates a car loses between 15 and 20 percent of its value each year and, depending on the make and model, could depreciate by as much as half of its original value in just three years. That’s important information to know if you plan to trade in your current vehicle.

That said, you can be confident that when you trade with Auction Direct USA you’ll find the experience as hassle-free as possible when you purchase from us.  We’re in the business of buying and selling certified pre owned vehicles, so you can be assured you’ll receive a fair offer for your trade in based on what the going rate is in the automotive marketplace.

Once you find the vehicle you’re looking for on our lot, your salesperson will introduce you to one of our appraisal professionals who will look over your trade-in, research the vehicle history and provide you our offer based on its true value in the market.

Trade in Car Warranty

We also take into account if your car trade-in has a warranty or extended warranty that’s transferable or has undergone recent major maintenance that has added value to the trade – and all this will be done thoroughly and as quickly as possible so we’re sure we’ve reached the best and fairest offer possible for you.

Just like on our sales side, where none of our employees work on commission, our appraisal employees are salaried, as well.  That results in an easy going, relaxed experience when it comes to trading and buying your next Certified Pre Owned Vehicle.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to trade in just yet, but you’re curious about the current value of your used car, visit our website at and click on “Sell Your Vehicle” and the city where you live and you can get a base estimate of your vehicle’s value.

So if you’re tired of the intense negotiations you’ve had before at the traditional car dealership, give Auction Direct USA the chance to earn your business.  Whether you have a car trade in or not, ask about our Certified Pre Owned Vehicles.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the buying experience that waiting for you at our showroom.

Buying Used Vehicles

Pendulum Swings Toward Buying Used Vehicles in 2015

The trend is shifting more toward buying used vehicles. In fact,  the nation’s ‘consumer warrior’ Clark Howard recently pronounced that “buying used vehicles are a real deal again” – this after a three-year period when good used cars available at a good value were hard to find due to a limited supply.

Thanks in part to leasing, which was heavily promoted by new car dealers over the last few years, you’ll now be seeing many of those leased vehicles arriving on the market.  With this increased availability of used vehicles, you’ll also see more of them competitively priced.  According to the Residual Value Insurance Group (RVI), used car prices are expected to drop five percent over the next two years – with the supply of used vehicles increasing steadily through 2019.

Today, when it comes to getting the best value when buying used vehicles, there’s no better place to be shopping than at Auction Direct USA. From trucks to luxury models, whether you’re looking for foreign and domestic, we’re proud to provide the widest selection of styles, colors and accessories you’re looking for in your used vehicle – and at a price that’ll be hard to beat.

If it’s been a while since you haven’t bought a used vehicle, and you’re used to a traditional car dealership, you’ll be in for a treat when you arrive at your Auction Direct Showroom.

We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the ‘no-hassle buying experience’ we’ve created at Auction Direct. None of our salespeople are on commission, so you won’t encounter the dreaded and drawn-out negotiations you’ve come to expect from a traditional car dealer.  Instead, you’ll find that our salespeople are only interested in helping you find you the kind of car you want at a fair price.  You’ll find the same easy experience if you have a trade in, or you need any service work down the road.

Along with the cars and trucks on display in Jacksonville FL, Raleigh NC, and Rochester NY, you’ll also have access to all the used vehicles Auction Direct has in its inventory throughout the country.  If you can’t find it here, chances are we can locate it for you – and at a competitive price.

With the supply of used cars growing nationwide, our buyers are busy finding the best-of-the-best to bring to our customers.  And each used vehicle on our lot undergoes a rigorous 82-point inspection, so you can buy with confidence. It’s a great time to be in the market for a used car.

It’s a great time to experience how easy and affordable buying used vehicles can be when you visit us at Auction Direct USA.

Used Car Buying Tips for Grads

Top Five New Grad Used Car Buying Tips!

Whether your child is graduating from high school or from college, used car buying tips can be helpful when choosing just the right pre owned car for your new grad!

First, and most important, is get some input from your grad-to-be.  Just like buying a pet for a significant other, it’s good to know if you’re buying for a cat-lover or a cat-hater before you bring it home with a bow!

If you want it to be a surprise, there are ways to get the info you need: point out cars the next time you’re on a drive with comments like “that Honda looks pretty good…what do you think?” or “if you were going to buy another car, what would it be?”

Second, once you’ve narrowed your choices, start ranking them in terms of safety – focusing on those that have high crash rating and safety marks from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Third, check out Consumer Reports, Edmunds and other reviews for information about the used car’s reliability.  This is definitely something worth checking, especially for college-bound graduates who are moving away from home.

Fourth, look for a fuel-efficient vehicle.  Even though gas prices have fallen over the last year, one hiccup in the Middle East can change that overnight. Bear in mind that four-cylinder engines typically (but not always) offer the best fuel economy.

Fifth, check insurance rates on the models you’re considering.  Whether you’re picking up the insurance tab or they are, it’s good to know before you buy.

At Auction Direct USA, we have a great selection of pre owned vehicles – and all go through an 85-point safety check before they ever reach our lot.  We’re excited for your graduate – and hope you’ll trust Auction Direct USA with the used car purchase for your new grad!

Pre Owned Convertibles

Let Auction Direct USA Help You Put Your Top Down with their Pre Owned Convertibles!

As it gets warmer throughout the country, people in the market for a used car may see the tops come down on convertibles traveling along their streets and eye them with envy.

And why not? Short of driving a motorcycle, there’s no better way to feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the sunshine than while traveling in one of our pre owned convertibles.

You’d probably be surprised to know that at the beginning of auto manufacturing, ALL cars were convertibles – starting with the Ford Quadricycle, first produced in 1896.  The earliest motorized vehicles didn’t have roofs, windshields, doors – or even side glass.

It would be nearly 10 years before Henry Leland, who later founded both the Cadillac and Lincoln lines, produced the 1905 Osceola Coupe Concept Car – the first to have hardtop.

Since that time, the convertible has gone through extreme highs and lows over the last century – prominent on the roads of America through the 1950s and nearly disappearing during in 1970s.

Fortunately, convertibles made a comeback – and with enhanced technology that helped them advance from simple cloth tops to the self-folding roofs of today.

According to U.S. News, the most popular convertibles on the road now include the Ford Mustang, the Mazda MX-5 Miata, the Nissan 370Z, the MINI Cooper, the Volkswagen Eos, and the Volkswagen Beetle. The ranking also takes safety, interior features, performance, reliability and auto reviews into account in developing its list of top convertibles in America.

At Auction Direct USA, you’ll find these and other popular used and certified pre owned convertibles in our showrooms.  So, whether you’re in the market for a convertible for the first time or you’re looking to return to those days when owned a convertible in the past, visit us for a test drive.

In addition to discovering the fun of owning a convertible, you’ll also enjoy our hassle-free approach to buying your next used or certified pre owned vehicle.

None of our salespeople are on commission, so you’ll find a pressure-free environment at Auction Direct USA that you’ve never experienced at your typical manufacturer’s dealership. The same holds true if you’re trading in a used vehicle.

And you’ll find the most competitive prices on the market today – and know every one of our used vehicles has undergone a rigorous 125-point inspection before it makes it to the showroom.  All Auction Direct USA certified pre owned vehicles also come with a worry-free six month/6,000 mile limited warranty and nationwide coverage.

Discover the joy of driving a convertible, and the joy of buying your next used or certified pre owned vehicle in a relaxed environment you’ve probably never experienced before.  Visit Auction Direct USA today.  You’ll be glad you did.

Hottest Selling Used Cars

Hottest Selling Used Cars in America

The auto industry is keen on telling us how new-vehicles sale are doing, as are car reviewers and most of the publications and websites that focus on the industry.

But what about pre owned cars and trucks?

A year ago, the team at was able to glean that information by looking at the best-sellers of  2013 in the 20 largest U.S. cities coupled with information on the top pre owned cars buyers were searching for at dealerships and on websites.

Some will surprise you, though others may not if you’re already scouting for your next pre-owned car.

Pre Owned Cars of Interest

The venerable Honda Accord, which has been at the top of new-car sales for three decades and makes up 2.3 percent of the used-car market, takes the top honors as the most popular pre owned vehicle. The Toyota Camry came in at a close second and at nearly the same selling price, with the Nissan Altima rounding out the top three.  The average used sales price of all three Japanese entries was just over $15,000.

Known for its incredible gas mileage when it entered the market, along with its reliability and longevity on the road, the Honda Civic came in fourth at an average price just over $13,000.

Finally, an American-made car makes it to the most popular pre owned car list, with the Ford F-150 muscling in to round out the top five with an average resale price of about $22,300.  The Ford F-150 has also been the top-selling vehicle overall in America for 30 years.

A German manufacturer comes in at No. 6: The BMW 3 Series. BMW’s entry-level luxury sedan accounts for 1.6 percent of the pre owned market, with an average price of about $13,000.  That’s the same average price for a used Toyota Corolla, which comes in in seventh place.

Two Chevrolets, the Impala and Malibu, come in at eighth and ninth, respectively.  Reviewers at speculate that the Impala’s long-time use as a fleet vehicle may have helped it place on the list with the Malibu, Chevy’s midsize sedan.  Their average sale price was in the range of $11,000 to $13,000

Finishing the top-10 most popular pre owned  list was the Ford Escape, accounting for about 1 percent of the pre owned market and fetching an average price of about $17,500.

It’s an interesting list, but every pre owned car buyer probably has a personal favorite – and you’re sure to find yours Auction Direct USA.

We have a wide selection of the best used cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers available on the used car market today.  And if we don’t have it on the lot, we can usually find the vehicle you’re looking for at one of our other locations and get it to you in no time.

But we’re most proud of the hassle-free buying experience we offer at Auction Direct USA – where none of our salespeople are on commission. That makes for an easy buying experience you won’t find at the traditional franchised dealership. And you’ll find the same atmosphere if you’re trading in a vehicle or need to use our service department at any time down the road.

So whether you’re looking for one of the most popular pre owned cars in America, or another make and model that better fits your lifestyle, visit Auction Direct USA.  You’ll be surprised at how easy buying your next vehicle can be.