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What Documents to Bring When Trading in a Vehicle

Documents to Bring in When Trading in Your Vehicle

If you want to trade in your vehicle and find yourself struggling, or confused, as to what to bring, we’ve got tips for you! We’ll explore some of these documents below, highlighting three of the major ones we recommend you bring. Continue reading below in order to see what documents we highly recommend!

Car’s Title

You won’t be able to trade in your vehicle without the title, that’s almost guaranteed. You’ll need to bring it with you when you visit any dealership, including ours. If there is a secured party listed on the model, you’ll need to bring in a payoff letter or a 10-day payoff amount from the lender in question.

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Vehicle Registration

In many states you’ll need to bring your vehicle’s most current registration to the dealership if you want to transfer the license plate of your current model. A copy of the most current registration will work, but you must make sure that it is the most-up-to-date.

Service Records

This is an optional document, but one that we do recommend you take into account when you’re trading in your model. If it has been well-kept, maintained, and has had no issues, you can likely skip over this one, but if not you should make sure you bring these documents. They can increase the value of your trade-in!

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Overall, these are only three of several great documents that you can bring with you! We recommend these three at the very least. To learn more about the documents we recommend, or to take a model for a test drive, contact our dealership today!